Head & Shoulder 12.8 ounce
bought 2 shampoos and
2 conditioners
Used 2/$4 off coupons from this months P&G
paid $12.77
received 1 $5 gift card w/ purchase of 4 and
From this weeks target add got another $5 when you spend $15 after $10 gift. Card .67 each


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3 thoughts on “Sweet Deal at Target!”

I bought 4 but I only received 1 GC. they said i cant have two because I CAN ONLY USE ONE PROMO per trnsaction


Thank you for explaining it step-by-step don’t know how to coupon but I want to learn… Thank you … Will take a trip to target today ☺️


This is a sweet deal, thanks for sharing! Will check for this one on my next trip to Target.