Suave shampoo
-Orig price: $2.89. Target special of 2 for $5. $2/2 suave salon proven gold from saving star. Final price: $1.80 each
Dove conditioner
-Orig price: $2.96. 20% off Cartwheel app. $3/2 dove hair care from saving star. Final price: $0.87 each!!!
Suave body wash
-Orig price: $1.89. $0.25 off suave body wash from shooting star. Final price: $1.64.
Lipton tea
-Orig price: $2.19. 25% off from cartwheel. $1.00 off MFG coupon. Final price: $0.64!!!

Before savings (and tax!): $15.78
After savings: $7.02!
56% savings!!!


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3 thoughts on “Target Beauty ($0.87 conditioner!)”

Good Find! I believe there was also a .75 cent off any Suave Body wash in last Sunday’s paper that you could have used as well!


oops just re read I saw you used saving star! thought you used your coupons it would’ve been an even better deal! wish my target had dove on clearance!


awesome finds! Saving Star has awesome rebates for suave and dove I would definitely check it out because it will be a money maker for you!