Total $66.62
OOP Spent: $18.36

Gain laundry $3 off when you buy 3
Gain dish soap- .25 (
Palmolive – .25 (
Dawn – .25 (
Scott- cartwheel 10% off
Bounce- 1.00 (
Lysol wipes- 1.00 (

Target sale $15 off $50
$25 GC from previous visit

Not too bad for it only being my 2nd time couponing!


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3 thoughts on “Target Cleaning Sale!”

Next time use the 2$ off 100oz or more Gain coupon on Use 3 of those and you would have saved 6$ instead of 3$!


Good job, I’m a newbie too


I’m kind of new to couponing I’ve noticed if I get the smallest size the coupon allows I can get more for my money. Try it…but u did great for the sizes u bought ..good job