I paid a total of $86.50 & I saved $102.78 that’s more than 50% of my over all total.
Thanks to Crazy coupon lady πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Two transaction at CVS
1st transaction I paid $11.31 using sales, PG coupons,CVS coupons & rewards. Saved $37.03
2nd transaction I paid $19.72 used PG coupons, MFR coupons & CVS rewards. Saved $21.25
Target paid a total of $55.72 used cartwheel, PG coupons, and MFR coupons. Saved $44.40


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One thought on β€œTarget & CVS”

I think you did great! I bought 4/8 packs of Bounty Basic paper towels, 2/16 ct Basic toilet paper and 4/34 ft Glad w/Febreze trash bags, and 3/30 count Home small scented trash bags. Used coupons and paid $62.00 OOP today at Ralphs (Kroger)…averaged .28 cents a roll on tp and .44 cents per roll on paper towels…I didn’t figure out the average on the small trash bags, but they were $1.79 each – Kroger brand. I felt really good about the OOP and stocking up. Even though I paid more than $5.00, didn’t earn any points or RR, I felt good about it. Sometimes this site makes you feel like just shopping is a crime. I’m over it. Great job!!!