7.80 + 19.81 -2.99 (head band not part of pet deal) +11.70 = 36.32 received $20 in GC (subtotals on receipts don’t include GC used or earned) = 16.32 – .97 (red card discount) = 15.35 / 33 items = 46 cents each approx.


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One thought on “Target Pet Deals, Thanks KCL, mine was about 46 cents each”

This is just an add on, I really hate the new way Target has been printing out their receipts. The OOP should’ve been way less. Yes, I added up subtotals, is good deal, but with the cesar deal, I’m shorted a lot more, will sit down later to figure it out. Then with the Dentalife?… I think they’ll hope nobody really looks at their receipts and just walks away.