64 x $1.88 = $120.32
5 x $8.48 = $42.40
4 x $3.48 = $13.92
Total value $176.64

Used 64 $2.50 mfq
5 $3/1
2 bogo ( one store gave me $3.99)
Total coupon $182.47

Applied the overage of $5.83 towards tax

Went to 4 different walmarts to do this. Mae have two free papers in my town and both have smart source inserts. A few of the local deli’s save me thier papers.

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10 thoughts on “Thank you Rachael Ray”

  1. Kimberly Stirling says:

    The b1g1 is on the dog treats ..the other the dog food , so yes you can use both , different products

  2. Dannie says:

    Oh wow, amazing haul. I’m gonna have to look for those coupons because these would be great things to donate! (I don’t have a dog, just cats lol)

  3. Cheri Mathews says:

    WoW! Awesome job. Jealous. We didn’t get the regional coupons, no matter how many times I looked through our SS they just wouldn’t appear :o)~

    HaPpY CoUpOnInG!

  4. NEWMOM says:

    Not my brag but the $3.00/1 Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog Food Bag, 6 lb or larger is from SS 7/28 (exp 10/28) the $2.50/1 Rachael Ray Nutrish Food for Dogs from SS 9/8 (exp 12/8) and the B1G1 Free Rachael Ray Nutrish Treats for Dogs, up to $3.99 is also from SS 9/8 (exp 12/8) .HTH

  5. Kat says:

    Full breakdown of what you paid for what and which coupons were used. I desperately need dog food but don’t want to purchase the wrong coupons before planning a doggie food haul. If anyone else might know how this was done could you help us out?

  6. curious says:

    Could you write out what you got please? I can’t see the names of everything in the picture. thanks

  7. DbuddyF@aol.com says:

    ok so you used the 2.50 mfq on the wet dog food got it will try to use but where did you get the 3/1 mfq at

  8. Kimberly Stirling says:

    What insert was the $3/1 wet food in? Great haul very jealous!

  9. Mindy Washam says:

    I love the pic!!! You got the dog and all its food in the pic!!!