First time couponing and I got all of this plus a 10 pack of tissue all for $83 original total $230.00.


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2 thoughts on “This is Amazing at Walgreens”

great job for you. now that you have a stockpile going, i challenge you to only buy things, when it’s free + or -.. i wish someone told me in the beginning that these deals come around practically every week (maybe different stores). if you (or anyone) makes a mistake, don’t feel bad to apologize but say you’d like to return it…. right then and there. Try to build that positive relationship with your cashiers. couponing can be fun, but warning….also addicting.


I do agree with puzzl. When I started couponing, in Feb. I tried to get all the deals the same week. After a month or so I learned that some deals would come around a week or two later. When I noticed that I put a budget to spend less than $10 (not counting EB or points, I think of them as coupons) including tax. My stockpile is not the biggest but I am not spending money on things that I already have alot of or things I dont use. I know a person that used to coupon years ago. She did have her garage full of products but everytime she went to the store she spent a lot of money ($50+) on things she already had plenty of or things she wasn’t even going to use. She was very addicted to it already and couldn’t stop. They moved to an apartment and that help her keep her shopping trips smaller since she had no room for products.