Target’s promotion through 10.24: Buy 2 Purina Light Weight Tidy Cats liter, 8.5 #, on sale for $11.99 each, and receive a $5 Gift Card. The larger size 35# clumping liter is also part of the buy 2 and get a $5 Gift Card (I just didn’t have manuf. coupons for those).


Buy 4 Light Weight Liter at $11.99 each.

You will receive two $5 gift Cards during the transaction because of the promotion/sale (to use on another transaction).

Use one Target Coupon, for a Free $10 Target Gift Card when you spend $40…. from SS 9/27, exp 10/23.

Use four Manuf Coupons (MQ) for $3 off each Purina Light Weight Tidy Cat liter from RP 7/26, exp 10/27.

Total prior to coupons = $47.96.

Pay $35.96, but receive $20 in Target Gift Cards. Like $15.96 for 4, or $3.99 each, when you buy 4.

Above, is how the deal should work. However, when I did mine, I used 2 prior earned $5 Gift Cards, bringing my total down to $25.96 ($27.33 with taxes). Then, walking away from the cashier, I noticed that only 2 of the MQ were shown on the receipt, even though I gave the cashier 4 MQ. I verified with the cashier that she had received 4 MQ from me, she gave them back to me because I had to go to customer service…. just a few steps away, so I gave customer service those 4 MQ. They verified, that yep, only 2 were shown on the receipt, and they gave me $6 back in cash. So $27.33 – $6 – $20 in Gift Cards earned = $1.33 for 4 containers of liter. (or really $2.49 each, ex tax and ex prior Gift Cards used as payment, for those that don’t like to count GC used as payment)

Good Luck

I’m not saying this will happen to everyone, but it was a good deal for me. I don’t know why the receipt only shows 2 MQ used, not till getting home did I do the math, and realize that somehow in the subtotal, the math works out as if 4 MQ had been used. Oh well.


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I did a similar deal this week to get the purina little bites dog food. It was buy 2 bags, get a 5.00 gift card. I also had the same target coupon for 10.00 gift card back. I had 4.00 off manufacture coupons for each bag so I ultimately got 4 bags for the regular price of 1. happy dance!


i’m doing the happy dance for and with you. Target really can have some great deals!


This actually will go through 10/23 (Friday, because the Target coupon to get a Free $10 GC expires on the 23rd, even though the sale/promotion goes through 10/24). I plan to do the above deal again, because the coupon fairies were leaving coupons all over the pet care aisles when I went this morning. Thank you to all you coupon fairies, that might not have pets and you leave your unused coupons in the pet aisles 🙂


If you do CALCULATOR on your receipt.It did take 4($3.00 coupons).


i didn’t realize that the value of 4 $3 coupons were taken off till i got home, as i stated, but when one quickly glances at their receipt after leaving the register, and you only see two $3 MQ showing on the receipt…. as shown in the picture, i normally go to customer srevice to inquire, not make a stink, but ask them. it was wierd, normally the coupons always show up right under the item purchased or at the bottom of the receipt, but not in this case. i have been known to go back to a store and pay them if they undercharged me…. but it’s been a hassle trying to do that lately…. not even worth my price in gas. curious, do you mean calculator, as in old fashioned way of figuring it out? …. or is there something specific for target? …. curious, because if there is a better and easier way to figure out deals, before going to the register, rather than, thinking it’s a good deal when you’re in the aisle, I’m up for that.