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Tops Markets


This blog has given me strength to stand up for my deals!

Our local grocery store runs ” meal deals” whee you buy the “centerpiece” of the meal, if you will, and get a bunch of other stuff for free.

This week, if you bought the jumbo pack of ground beef you got American Cheese, Manwich, Hamburger Buns, Tomatoes, 2 liter of lemonade, bag of chips, and pack of cookies for free. I got to the store early and snagged the meat that was marked as “special today” because it was nearing expiration….. spending $14 instad of $20! When the deal didn’t ring up right, two cashiers insisted i had to buy “full price” package, even though it was the right size. I had the nerve to ask to see a manager and she let i go through! Whoopty! all that for $6 less than everyone else!

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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