Cvs- I bought 2 Pepsi 2/$2. I used a $2c from cvs app making it free. 2 suave gold shampoos for $3 each. I used (2) $1.50c from the paper and received $2 eb making them $0.50 each. Calendula cream for $8.49. I used a $2c on KCL and received $6 eb. Making it $0.49. I then submitted for $3 ibotta, $2 c51 and $2 mobisave turning it into a $5.51 mm. I also bought nutter butter cookies for $0.99 (I needed a filler item). Total came to $10.96 with tax after coupons. I used $10 eb from yesterday’s trip and paid $0.96 oop and received $8 eb, and $6 in rebates making it a $14.04mm. (If you do this same exact transaction with the same coupons but don’t have eb to use it ends up being $10.96 oop plus $8 eb and $6 in rebates making it a $2.07mm still).
Target- I bought revlon tweezers for $1.64 and used $2c making it $0.36mm, pearl olives to go $1.50 and used $1c ( making it $0.50. Lastly I bought 4 windex $3.19 each and used (2) $2/2c from a paper a while back making them $12.76 or $2.19 each. I received $5gc for purchasing 4, $1.50 Catalina and submitted them for $1 ibotta making them $5.26 for all 4 or $1.32 each. Total after tax came to $9.47. I used a $5 gc from previous day and paid $4.47 oop. After gc, Catalina and rebates, it was a $3.03 moneymaker. (If you do this transaction without the gc and use the same coupons it will be $9.47oop which turns into $1.97 after $5gc, $1.50 cat and $1 rebate). So grand total oop was $5.43 for $33.38 worth of product and after my $8 eb, rebate credits ($8), $1.50 cat and $5gc, it was $17.07 mm for me. (Without initial eb and gc it will be $0.10mm for the exact same transactions).


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One thought on “I turned my shopping trip into a $17.07 moneymaker!!!!”

I like that you added the info about what the deal would be without rolling your rewards! I know so many people like to say ‘it’s not a MM!’ haha great deals!