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Vegetarian Couponing Haul! – Price Chopper


as a vegetarian, when i first started couponing, i was skeptical that i wouldn’t find coupons for the kinds of food i normally purchase. well, it didn’t take long to prove myself wrong. and this week, price chopper was running great deals on all kinds of veggie-friendly foods. with coupons, some of these items were a steal!

here’s the breakdown:

4 tempeh packs @ $3.09 each
4 italian sausage packs @ $4.99 each
BOGO sale on all lightlife products
retail: $32.32
paid: $16.16 (if only those $1/1 manu q’s were still printing…)

10 goya beans @ $1.39 each
sale price: $0.75 each
used 2 $1.00/5 manu q’s
retail: $13.90
paid: $5.50

4 nasoya tofu packs @ 2.99 each
sale price: $1.99 each
used 4 $0.75/1 manu q’s that doubled to $1.50
retail: $11.96
paid: $1.96 ($0.49 a pack!)

3 nabisco cracker boxes @ $3.29 each
sale price: $1.99 each
used 1 B2G1free manu q
and used 1 $1/2 manu q
retail: $9.87
paid: $2.98

4 coke zero 2L bottles @ 1.99 each
sale price: $1.66 each
used 4 $0.99/1 manu q’s that doubled to $1.66
(free soda? wait…there’s more!)
then used a 4/$4 store coupon that took off another $2.64!
retail: $7.96
paid: $-2.64 (an overage?! unheard of at the choppah!)

1 sugar in the raw @ $4.49
used $0.40/1 manu q that doubled to $0.80

1 price chopper steambag @ 1.25
used a 1/$0.79 store coupon that took off $0.46

bananas @ $0.93

cream @ $2.29

total savings: 63%! whew!

there was also an amazing 2/$4 sale on tofurky products (usually $2.99) this week, but my store doesn’t carry any. the other store in my area does, but in limited stock. i bought 2 packs today and used 2 $0.75/1 manu q’s that doubled to $1.50, making these $0.50 a pack! i picked up some mushrooms as well, since PC has a 50% rule, where q’s won’t double after you’ve accumulated 50% total savings (both store sales and q’s combined)(though i went over a bit on my larger transaction and still got all my doubles – strange).

i requested more stock as the sale continues next week, and hope to get another 6 packs. my first 4 coupons should double, as per their coupon policy. so that’s a total of 8 packs @ about $0.69 each! the fun part of that will be playing against their 50% rule again. i think i can sneak around it by buying a gift card with my order *sneaky-sneaky*. we shall see…

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