3 centrum ($6.99/each) 3 $4cpn
2 One a day ($8.99/each) 2 $2cpn
1 I caps ($16.49) 1 $10 cpn also $1.65 discount b/c of wellness status.
=$27.79 minus $10 for spend $50 on vitamin and $5 for buying two One a Day. I was lucky to have gotten a $5 Rite Aid cpn if I spend $50 in non prescription the day before. OOP was only $7.79 for all.


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0 thoughts on “Vitamins galore at Rite Aid”

I tried this yesterday and got 2 centrum , 2 icaps, I citracal and 2 occuvite and total before coupons was over 60$ and it did not generate 1000 Plenti points. I was so upset. I activated the offer so don’t know why I didn’t get my reward ????