I bought 2 Aussie shampoos, 2 Aussie conditioners, 8 herbal essence styling products, 1 CeraVe baby wash, 1 CeraVe baby lotion (buy 1 get 1 half off), and bought two Ban total refresh wipes. Used 2 $3/2 Aussie products, 4 $4/2 herbal essence products, 2 $4/1 CeraVe baby product, and 2 $1/1 ban total refresh wipes.
Paid $20.39 and received 480 every day points and 16,920 bonus points. I love Walgreens!!


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2 thoughts on “Wags Win!!”

How did you earn the points?


Yesterday was the last day for bonus points. I earned 7,000 for spending $20 and another 7,000 for using a visa to pay. I also earned 10 points for every dollar (called every day points) and 5x everyday points when you spend $10. Each off differs per person.