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Walgreens had some good deals this weeks!  **Make sure to read Walgeens Rules**

In receiving RR (Register Rewards), do a separate transaction if your going to use any register rewards from a previous trip.


Ziploc Baggies (90 Count)
Sale: Buy TWO for $5.50
Coupon: $1.50
=Total: $4.00
Receive $1.00 in RR (Register Rewards)
Like Paying: $3.00 ($1.50 ea. and $0.02 per baggie)

PLUS submit for an Ibotta $1.00/2

After that rebate it’s like paying: $2.00/2 or $1.00 ea.



Sale: $3.19 (not sure if yours is the same clearance price)
Coupon: $1.50/1
-Walgreens Coupon: $1.00/1
=Total: $0.69 cents


Orbit Gum

Sale: Buy TWO for $0.99
=Total: $0.99

PLUS submit for an Ibotta for $0.50/1

Like Paying: $0.49 cents for TWO or $0.24 cents ea.


Starbucks Coffee

Sale: Buy TWO for $3.00 (in refrigerated section)
Use TWO Coupons: $1.00/1
=Total: $1.00 ($0.50 cents ea.) PLUS submit and Ibotta for $1.00/1

Like getting it for FREE


Huggies Wipes

Sale: $1.00

-Coupon: $0.50/1


=Total: $0.50  We bought four and will definitely go back for more!!


Scrubbing Bubbles (If you read the first post then you know that we went back for more!)

Sale: Buy TWO for $6.00

-TWO Coupons: $1.00/1 (Coupon must be already printed)

=Total: $4.00

Receive $2.00 in RR (Register Rewards)

Like paying: $2.00 ($1.00 ea.)


Ziploc Containers

Sale: Buy TWO for $5.50

-Coupon: $1.00/1 (Must already been printed)

=Total: $4.50

Receive $1.00 in RR (Register Rewards)

Like Paying: $3.50/2 or $1.75 ea.

PLUS submit an Ibotta for $0.50/1

Again Like Paying: $3.00.2 or $1.50 ea.


Shoe Box Size Container

Sale: Clearance for $2.29

=Total: $2.29


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Sorry I added two items before submitting and forgot to update the Title. So its like paying $10.97 for 13 items. That’s like $0.84 cents a piece!