Walgreens Deal!

Bounty (org. $7.49) on sale for $4.99, Charmin Basic (org. $6.49) on sale for $4.99, and Tide (org. $6.99) on sale for $2.99… Used $1/1 mfr coupon for Bounty, $1/1 mfr coupon for Charmin, and $2/1 mfr coupon for Tide. (All coupons from coupons.com)

It rang up for $10.01, and I used $5 in rewards. Total out of pocket=$5.01

Then I submitted for $1/1 Bounty ibotta rebate, $2/1 Charmin Checkout51 rebate, $1/1 Bounty Checkout51 rebate, and I will receive a $1 bonus later this week!

So in the end I will pay $0.01 for all three items!!!


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0 thoughts on “Walgreens Brag!”

The tide coupon is used incorrectly.


The $2 tide coupon from coupons.com actually excludes this type of tide if you were to read the exclusions so the total should actually be $2 more for anyone who copied what you did. Hopefully you done it as a mistake and not on purpose to just see if it would work.


I was shopping at Walgreens the other day and the cashier was telling me that there was a customer in there earlier who got a ton of the $2.99 tide for almost nothing with $2 coupons, I hadn’t realized there was a $2 coupon for the tide simply and so when I got home I was trying to find one without any luck.. But Now i see what she was talking about. I guess a lot of people are using the regular $2 tide coupon anyway.


That’s why stores crack down on the rest of us or treat everyone who uses coupons correctly like criminals is because people purposefully misuse them like this. Hopefully one day they get busted and look like a fool in front of a group of people at a store!