Only $10.65 ($28.65 OOP) after 5,000 bonus points (so $5) after spending $15+, 3,000 every day points (so $3), $5 e-rebate from Starbucks for buying three Tazo (on sale $2.50 each & used $1 mfq on each), $5 register reward for buying two shaving gels and one razor (used .75 mfq on each gel and $3 mfq on razor), free cat litter ($11.99) mfq, free chips mfq, free Always ($11.99) mfq, Clean & Clear on clearance (used two $1 mfq, plus WG cpn for $1.75 off each), used four .25 mfq on Dawns (on sale for .99 each).

This trip was a pain in the butt. My points didn’t show up at all. I had to call then drive back to the store and argue to get them all added. She was apologetic at the end, but what a pain and waste of gas and my time. I’ll be sure to check the receipt BEFORE I leave next time (which will likely be tomorrow)!

Oh, I think I should have also earned the 5,000 points on the Always, but who knows. Do you get the points if the coupon makes it free? I might be calling corporate tomorrow.


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3 thoughts on “Walgreens hastle, but TOTALLY worth it! Only $10.65 OOP”

Ok, down to only $9.65 now! One of my app rebate requests was granted for $1 off of the tea. Yay! Oh, and I forgot to mention that the venti Starbucks was a free birthday gift for me ????


if there are issues with your points, they have online chat. I have done it before when I had a similar problem and the rep I chatted with added the points for me! HTH


Thank you, Mindy! That’s good to know! I will certainly ask them about it then.