Spend $20.00 out of pocket
Dawn dish was $.99 cent on sale 5’000 when you buy $20 bought 20 used 20 $.30 cent coupon. And 6RR from previous transaction. Spent $9.XX
Downy $1.44 on sale Food Town used $2.50/2 bought 30 spend $12 out of pocket


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3 thoughts on “Walgreens Haul”

How were you able to use 20 coupons in one transaction when the limit is 4?


How where you able to use those coupons, $2.50/2 if it excludes that product?


Okay, so I’m a little confused. It looks like you bought Downy for $1.44/bottle and used the 2.50/2 Q from RP 11/15 – however, it says Walgreens Haul at the top and then in the description it says “on sale Food Town” is that the store or where you’re from? If this is at Walgreens, I’d love to know! Thanks!