So here goes! I started with very few points.

#1 bought 30 99 cent hallmark cards, that I will use, and a small item. Oop was $38 and got 37,000 points .. Almost $50 worth so here is what I did next.

#2 bought the thee special k cereal. Normal $9 on sale for $8 had $1 coupon and was rewarded with 3,000 points!

Bam now I have $50 in points and can do the big haul. Read at bottom about how helpful the store manager was.

5 Irish spring regular $4.39 on sale for 3.99 $1.00 coupon on each.
3 more oxi clean $7.99 on sale for $3.99 and I had a $2.00 coupon on each. Plus two pielie for rebates
2 Scott toilet tissue $7.49 on sale for $5.99 a couple 65 cent coupons and $1.00 from Walgreen book. Then $2.00 register rewards
3 viva $6.49 on sale for $5.99 $1.00 off each from Walgreens book and $1.00 coupon on each. Then $4.00 register rewards
3 Colgate twin packs regular $6.79 on sale for $5.99 then $2.00 coupon on each and $2.00 register reward on each.
4 four glade candles regular $3.79 on sale 2 for $6.50 $1.00 coupon and $1.50 register rewards in two.

*** note I use the same Walgreens and they know me, I check out at cosmetic so I don’t hold up the main lines.
*** to get paper coupons to work on multiples they must ring each one and not use qty. manager told me this.
*** also you only get register rewards on multiples if they roll like tissue and vivia. I learned hard way today then three didn’t print, the manager was like no problem. She returned two of my toothpaste twin packs and two candles put in gift card then rang up separate so I got all my register rewards. Pays to be nice.

So in total I spent $38+$7+$16 = $61
But redeemed $50
And $27.30 of coupons.
And have $15.00 in register reward coupons.

$175 retail $61 paid and $15 for next trip
$46 opp


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One thought on “Walgreens Haul”

Awesome, congratulations! I too stocked up on the Viva, Scott’s, Kleenex and Oxi. I love my store here and your right it pays to be nice.