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Walgreens is my FAVORITE store!!


Ok so I started out with $18RR(two $2 and two $7) first transaction I got the acid reducer which was $6 get $6 and the hair bands $2 get $2, and I got six candy bars. I used two .75¢ off two milkyway coupons and I used a $2RR and a $7RR making my total $1.04 oop I repeated this transaction but instead of six candy bars I got two and my total was .18¢. From my first two transactions I ended up with $16 in RR so for my third transaction I bought one omega smart $10 get $10 and two candy bars, I used a printable $3 of coupon and used a $2 and $6RR bringing my total to .18¢. I repeated that transaction and instead of candy bars I got the paper towels and ended up with $20 in RR. I did go to another store and got another acid reducer, hair bands and a toothbrush and paid around $1 but I still have $20 in RR

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