Thanks KCL for your posting of this deal earlier this week.

I also combined it with going online to my Walgreens’ account and clipping their coupon to card for 2000 points on $10 purchase of almost anything.

Soft soap, $3.99 each, combined with their sale of BOGOF, combined with their promo of Buy 3 get 3000 points (another 3000 points showed up for the 3 free ones, as you showed on your deal).  I used two $1 printables from  your site, and used a clip to card MQ also for $1 from Walgreens’ site.

$3.99 x 3 = 11.97 – $3 in MQ = paid $8.97, but received 8000 points ($8)…. which also brought me to my next point level over 40000, so it just gave me an extra $10 in point value.  97 / 6 = 16 cents each.

Thanks again KCL.