Usually I’m not a big Walgreens shopper but they had some great deals this week, so i made several trips throughout the week and while my out of pocket was higher than normal, I left with a ton of register rewards and I was pretty happy with my first trip! : )

Transaction #1
I bought 3 bottles of tide on sale for $5.99, 3 boxes of Puffs on sale for .99 cents and a pack of Black Forest gummies for $1.49.
I used 3 $2 manf. coupons for the tide and 3 .25 cent coupons for the Puffs.
I received a $5 RR for the Tide, $1.50 RR for the Gummies and a Catalina printout that said I could earn an extra $5.25 RR with the purchase of any 3 Crest or Oral B products whenever I also redeemed my $5 P&G RR from that purchase.
Then I also received 7000 reward points for spending $20 from the digital coupon.

Transaction #2
I bought 2 ziploc containers 2/$5.50 sale price, 1 Crest Pro Health Advanced mouthwash $4.99 sale price, 1 battery powered oral b toothbrush $4.99 sale price and a package of oral b replacement heads $4.99 sale price.
I used the following manf. coupons: 1.00/2 Ziploc Containers, $1.50 off 1 Crest Prohealth Advanced mouthwash, $2 off 1 oral B battery powered toothbrush and $3 off oral b replacement heads.
I redeemed my $5 P&G RR from the previous transaction and received $1.50 RR for the Ziploc containers, $4 RR for purchasing 2 Oral B/Crest products and the extra $5.25 RR from purchasing 3 Oral B/Crest products.
Then I received 7000 reward points for the spending $20 digital coupon offer.
I also redeemed a $1.50 rebate for the mouthwash and a $2.00 rebate for the Ziploc containers on Checkout 51.

Transaction #3
I purchased 2 bags of Purina Naturals dog food 2/$10 sale price, Black Forest gummies $1.49 sale price, 3 Oral B toothbrushes $4.99 sale price.
I used the following manf. coupons: 2 $4 off Purina Naturals, 3 $2 off Oral B toothbrushes.
I also had another one of the Catalina offers from the previous day where if I bought 3 oral b/crest and redeemed my tide RR I would earn another $5.25 RR. So I redeemed that register reward and received a $1.50 RR for the gummies and a $4 RR and $5.25 RR for purchasing the toothbrushes.
I also received the 7000 reward points for spending $20.

For all 3 transactions:
Total out of pocket: $36.11
I left with $23 worth of RR
earned 21000 points
and submitted for $3.50 in checkout 51 rebates.

TOTAL= $11.39 moneymaker : )


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Wow that’s fantastic!!