Found 6 Palmers sunscreen at my local Walmart. They rung up for 1.00 even though I thought they were 3.00. So that was a pleasant surprise. I found 1 2.00/1 peelie on them and 5 1/1 peelies making them a moneymaker of 1.00. (transaction 1)

2.00 moneymaker on 4 herbal essence 3/1 q
.50 mm zest (2) .75/1 q
2.92 mm for 2 Hawaiian tropic 1/1 peelie
and not pictured
2.26 MM for 2 frigo cheese sticks. .50/1 q
1.24 MM for 2 power bars (transaction 1)

Had to do two transactions. Used me and hubby Ibotta, c51, and Mobisave. And got 6.00 bonuses for both of us on Ibotta fresh and clean bonus (got free Loreal from cvs yesterday).

Also got my weekly groceries. My husband put them away before I could take a photo. A price match worth mentioning is Reams has General Mills cereal for 1.59 and I found 1.00 off peelies. It was 36.33 oop for 54 items worth 106.00. So excited. 🙂


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1.01 MM actually! I forgot Ibotta. Wish you could delete comments. One posted before I even was done typing. 🙂 Making this a 2.02 MM if you and a spouse do it for married folks with or 1.26 MM if you have the 1/1 q.


Just got paid from Mobisave. They gave me the full 2.99. Making the zest a .76 MM. If you have the 1.00 off coupon it could be even more!


Just got paid for the zest from Mobisave. They did give me the full 3.99