Wow got 4 loreal shampoo, 4 loreal conditioner, 4 loreal hairspray, and 4 loreal mousse. The total was $4 for all 16 iteams.


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2 thoughts on “Wow target is awesome $4”

4444 for $4. 😂


Omg how I would 💘 to know. Thats my favorite brand


Buy 4 shampoo/conditioner(3.99 each) use $2 manufacturer coupons plus 5gc
Buy 4 stylers(3.99 each) use $2 manufacturer coupon plus 5gc when you buy four (you can mix and match but have to be over $20 for the other GC to work)

Scan target promo either from current ad or text “care” to 827438 for the spend $20 get $5 GC
Receive $15 in GC back total (two GC for buying 8 loreal or 4 each and the current beauty promo) OOP is roughly $15 or a little more plus your tax