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Yayyy Dollar Tree


Yayyy Dollar Tree














So I have been KRAZY excited to go to the Dollar Tree and today I finally had the opportunity!  Here is hte breakdown:::


13 Shredded Wheat – 13 $1 off coupons = FREE

10 Garnier Fructis – 10 $1 off coupons = FREE
9 Speed Stick – 9 $1 off coupons = FREE

1 Cotton Swabs (no coupons)

1 Baby Shampoo (no coupons)


total before coupons:  $36.30

total after coupons:  $4.30

The cashier and manager were fantastic!  I was the first person they had in with coupons and they had to manually put in each one!  The other customers were great too and were excited to find out that they can now use coupons too!  I will definitely continue to go to the Dollar Tree!



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