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Bored Kids? Build a Car Track with Masking Tape!

I am already feeling the Winter Blues at our house. Bored kids and cold days make for long afternoons!  With this activity, if you have masking tape and cars you’re good to go for supplies.  Enlist the kids to help create a masking tape racetrack.  You can keep it simple or make it as complicated as you’d like.  You could even create a masking tape town!  Tape the roads and use boxes, blocks or actual toy houses for the buildings.  Check out the awesome picture above for some inspiration, then ready…set…Go!

Thanks, Jenny, for sharing! (We aren’t sure who gets credit for the original idea.)

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6 thoughts on “Bored Kids? Build a Car Track with Masking Tape!”

  1. Shanna Anderson says:

    My friend did this and she used scotch tape instead and said it was the best for not leaving sticky residue.

  2. Christie Blair says:

    Don’t leave it down too long or it will leave a sticky residue. I used masking tape to mark stage positions once in my carpeted classrom and it left a stickiness that quickly turned black with dirt.

  3. PS, blue painters tape DOESN’T work as a substitute ;) it will stick to your kids legs and keep pulling up.

  4. growing up, my mom would take a large cardboard box like from an appliance, cut it so it would be flat and draw a town on it with roads and stuff. and my brother and I would play with our Hot Wheels on it.

  5. Lisa Stief says:

    I want this couch set!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Great idea! This would be in the basement not upstairs :)