We’ve mentioned this great freebie before, but it’s definitely worth a repeat! Avoid school picture disasters (I’ve got a few choice pics that may or may not have mysteriously ended up in the shredder!) Get your kids looking their best with a free haircut at a JCPenney salon! Through the month of August, JCPenney salons are offering free haircuts for kids in kindergarten through sixth grade. Click here to find a location near you. Hurry in as the month is almost over!

Thanks, Facebook Reader Kelsie

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9 thoughts on “Don’t Forget—Free Kids’ Haircuts at JCPenney Salons!”

  1. Jayme Delgado says:

    My son was so excited to go to the salon for his hair cut. I am a
    licensed beautician so I have been cutting his hair for 8years. It was a
    great day & I didn’t have a big mess to clean up at home. However
    reading other comments, we did not get the mentioned

    • Anonymous says:

      It seems like some people do and some don’t. It may be that not all salons are participating in the coupon deal.

  2. scholarpon says:

    Check out this amazing school fundraiser http://www.scholarpon.com you cant buy daily deals and give back to

  3. I am not sure, but we have appointments either this Saturday or Sunday…they still have not called me yet. That would be wonderful! I’ll let ya know!

  4. Diane says:

    I’m not sure how much truth there is to this, but my friend told me that she took her daughter to JCP to get her free hair cut and they gave her a free coupon for an adult hair cut as well. Has anyone gone??

    • shell313 says:

      hi diane i work at the jcp salon and yes this is true. It is part of a referral program so you should get a coupon for a free haircut as well!