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Free Nursing Pillow with Code KCLPILLOW1—Just Pay Shipping!

For a limited time, get a $40 nursing pillow for free! Just pay shipping and handling. Use code KCLPILLOW1 at checkout for a $40.00 discount.

Patterned fabrics are regularly priced $40.00. Plush, minky type plush fabrics are $44.95. Shipping and handling is $12.95.

Visit to get started.

Nursing Pillow $39.95
Use code KCLPILLOW1 at checkout to save $40.00
Pay: $0.00, plus $12.95 shipping
Final Price: $12.95 shipped


Minky Nursing Pillow $44.95
Use code KCLPILLOW1 at checkout to save $40.00
Pay: $4.95, plus $12.95 shipping
Final Price: $17.90 shipped 

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24 thoughts on “Free Nursing Pillow with Code KCLPILLOW1—Just Pay Shipping!”

  1. Brook says:

    This “promo” has been around for at least 2 years, I got coupons for it when I was pregnant with both boys for the sling, nursing cover and carseat cover. they make money on the shipping, they have a bunch of different websites with different “free” things. You just pay $12.50 shipping. I got the nursing cover, really thin and cheaply made. But 12.50 is good for a nursing pillow, just hope it it good quality.

  2. cindylouwho says:

    These are awesome!!! I ordered the pillow and then with the coupon codes got a gift set with 3 items in it for just shipping cost. I have 2 friends that are expecting for once I am getting prepared a head of time!! YEA!

  3. Amber Konop says:

    I don’t currently have kids but hope to someday soon and I also have tons of friends having kids right now. When you purchase the pillow with the coupon code they give you another one (mine was npillow) at the end that works for a carseat cover, nursing cover, and a baby sling. Here’s how it broke down:
    Nursing Pillow: $39.95 – $40.00 Coupon = $12.90 for S/H
    Carseat Cover: $49.95 – $50.00 Coupon = $12.90 for S/H
    Baby Sling: $39.95 – $40.00 Coupon = $11.90 for S/H
    Nursing Cover: $34.95 – $35.00 Coupon = $11.90 for S/H

    Total retail would have been $164.80
    Total out of pocket: $49.60 = a 70% savings!

  4. Ashton Farr says:

    I know so many pregnant folks right now I had to share this with them! I scored my best friend a nursing pillow and sling for just under $25!

  5. steelmyobsession says:

    I’m wondering is there a promo code for the milk bands nursing bracelet?

  6. Rach22 says:

    I was wondering exactly how long this promo code will last. I’m trying to wait for a payday to purchase but also don’t want to miss out on the savings.

  7. Liz Lima says:

    I am so greatful……I got all three for the shipping prices which would be about the cost if I had found them in a department store and they were on super duper clearence and I had a % off coupon and had the time and energy to go out to a store with my one month old son and three year old daughter and my four year old daughter……which would never happen! So I am greatful for the ease and price…tks KCL!

  8. justme says:

    i don’t see where to put in the promo code to get the discount

  9. Cheryce M says:

    The free canopy/sling/nursing cover winds up costing around $50 after shipping. No returns if the sling doesn’t fit.

  10. Shae says:

    Why does is cost almost $13 to ship a pillow? I didn’t think pillows were heavy…

  11. I shut the window before I got the promo code for the other stuff – does anyone still have it?

  12. Judy says:

    What coupon can we use?

  13. V says:

    Is there anyone who has this brand of nursing pillow? I normally don’t like to buy things online unless I’ve already seen it in person and know the quality :/ but this seems like a good deal

  14. val says:

    When you purchase the nursing pillow you also get a coupon code to use for a free + shipping car seat canopy, a nursing cover, and a baby sling carrier!

  15. Anonymous says:

    There are 3 reasons why I feel that I don’t need a nursing pillow-
    1) For thousands of years, mothers around the world nursed their babies just fine without one.
    2) I have no baby.
    3) The $12.95…which is actually more important than reason # 2.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Staci says:

      I have 3 babies and nursing pillows are very helpful, and this is a good deal for one. And there are lots of things with which people did without for centuries that we wouldn’t care to be without now. Plus, those women may have used blankets or something else to prop up their babies, or just had more backaches.

      • Anonymous says:

        You make a very compelling case for nursing pillows! As a result, I’ve decided to have a baby! :)