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Hasbro Games Sale Plus Rebate at Toys R Us


Don’t get cabin fever this winter. When a snow day or a long winter break has your kids saying, “we’re bored,” you’ll be glad you stocked up on board games this week at Toy ‘R’ Us.

In stores only, through Nov. 10, Toys ‘R’ Us has Hasbro board games at the lowest prices of the year – starting at just one dollar! On top of that, you’ll earn a $10 gift card when you purchase $35 of games, and a $15 gift card for a $50+ game purchase. But here’s the kicker: Hasbro is also having a rebate on select board games; earn up to $40 back when you purchase 12. There is a limit of 4 identical games for the rebate.

Sample deal:

Buy 2 Monopoly, $5 each
Buy 1 Life, $10 each
Buy 1 Scrabble $10 each
Buy 2 Jenga, $10 each
Use $2 Jenga Printable Coupon
Get $15 gift card for buying $50
Submit for $15 rebate for buying 6 games
Final Price: $20 for all 6 games

Remember, this deal for the $15 gift card is only in stores, not online!

50 thoughts on “Hasbro Games Sale Plus Rebate at Toys R Us”

  1. nweldon1992

    Does this only work for Monopoly or can you get the other games shown in the photo as well?

  2. rt

    do we need to choose only the monopoly game or we can choose any listed hasbro game which is $5?

    1. mich37732002

      If you click on the rebate link, there is a link to all of the games in the promo.

      1. Rt

        Thanks .Is it any monopoly from hasbro

  3. Royals6870

    Is this just Monopoly, or all Hasbro games?

  4. tlstout

    This would be awesome for Christmas donations also to toys for tots

  5. Tiffanie

    I read the rules. It says limit of 2 claims, 12 games per claim, and each claim limited to 4 COPIES OF ANY ONE GAME. So, I guess you can’t just buy 12 games of Monopoly, right?

  6. erksarmygirl

    I wouldn’t be able to do it until next Wednesday. How long is the deal going on for the $15 Toys R Us gift card? And is it only good on Monopoly or do you get the gift card for purchasing $50 worth of any Hasbro games?

  7. emkat13

    Is it a check rebate, visa gift card or a specific store gift card rebate?

    1. Anonymous

      The rebate form says “Money back will be made payable in the form of a prepaid reward card” – so probably a prepaid Visa.

      1. LindaC

        ya it’s a prepaid toys r us rewards card, so basically we don’t get cash back.

      2. Karen H

        The card from Toys R Us is a Toys R Us gift card, but the Hasbro rebate will be something like a pre-paid Visa, like bca0511 said. If we did the scenario like “delparia” listed, I think we could use the $15 gift card from the first $50 purchase to help pay for the second $50 purchase. Also, the Hasbro website has a $2 coupon for Yatzee or Jenga. You have to be a member to get to the coupon, and can only print it once, but 2 bucks off is two bucks off.

      3. Guest

        Could you please tell me where I can find coupon link? I joined membership, but I cannot find it. Thanks in advance!

      4. emkat13


  8. delparia

    Under the rules listed on the Hasbro rebate, you can only buy a limit of 4 like games for each rebate you submit. You would not be able to submit for 12 monopoly games. You can combine some of the $10 games from Toys R Us for a good deal.

    1. delparia

      You could get a great deal if you do the following senario:

      You and a friend do the following (since there is a limit of 1 TRU GC per person)

      Buy 4 $10 games

      Buy 2 $5 games

      OOP: $50

      get $15 GC

      (that would be a total of $100 OOP for 12 games plus 2 $15 GC)

      submit both receipts for 1 rebate of $40


      $100 OOP
      - 2 $15 GC

      - $40 rebate

      = $30 for 12 games or $2.50 each

  9. Maggie Mila

    The REBATE works for any of the following games (but they may not be part of the $5 Toys R Us sale): The Game of Life®, Monopoly®, Scattergories®, Pictionary®,
    Scrabble®, Yahtzee®, Hungry Hungry Hippos®, Jenga®, Twister®, Connect 4®, Elefun®, Operation®

  10. csgirl92104

    Per FAQ:

    “Q: Can I buy the same games over and over again?A: There is a purchase limit of 4 of the same title.”

  11. Amanda

    Do you have to buy the games all at once for the rebate or can I do 2 transactions?

    1. Anonymous

      The rebate says to submit “sales receipt(s) or packing slip(s)” – so it appears that multiple transactions are OK.

  12. TaylorL

    How long is Toys R Us sale going on?

  13. jchang1

    Could the spend $75 get $10gc apply to this deal as well?? so you can get both $15gc for the Hasbro game boards and the $10gc for spending $75.

    1. Mandy

      My Toys R Us gave me both – $10 Hasbro gift card and $10 for spending over $75 ( I spent $35 in Hasbro and $40 in other toys)!

    2. Guest

      That would be awesome, hopefully someone knows if we can get both.

  14. lynelj

    If we bought 4 of the Monopolys that are selling for 5 dollars, and 8 of the other eligible games for 10 Dollars After GC and Rebate we’re still only paying 3.75 per game.

  15. mary c

    Can we use coupons?I have some coupons for the monopoly game.

    1. ash07dc

      It looks like it because KCL showed in her example the Jenga coupon. So I guess so! =)

  16. Anonymous

    Does anyone know where to find the SKU#s, other than on the actual product packaging (since the rebate form lists only certain ones, I would like to have a shopping list of qualifying games before I go to Toys R Us)? Thank You.

  17. Monica G.

    is this at all toys r us? i cant seem to find anything online about the GC… can someone post a link maybe? I’m a newbie and want to start saving money!!! :)

    1. Anonymous

      The $15 GC offer can be seen on the front page of the Toys R Us ad (which you can view online). There is also a $10 wyb $75 GC offer that is scrolling on the Toys R Us homepage – which may (or may not, I’m not sure) be able to be combined with the Hasbro GC offer. Also, if you received a “Great Big Toys R Us Book in the mail or newspaper (10-28, I think), there was a $10 off $100 coupon card. Hope that helps.

      1. Monica G.

        awesome!!! Thanks so much!

  18. Ana

    Can anyone tell me when the monopoly will be on sale for $5??

    1. Monica G.

      monopoly is $5 now :)

      1. Jen P.

        Please know before you go that the $5 Monopoly game is not part of the rebate. I just left the store and the SKU for Monopoly is only for the original which is priced at $12.99 right now. I even had the cashier ring it up to see.

  19. prescott2

    Does Toys R Us accept Hasbro coupons. Bricks has $3 Q’s for Monopoly.

    1. Anonymous

      Can you post the link? I’m really looking forward to picking up a couple Monopoly games!

    2. ash07dc

      It sure looks like it…KCL posted in her deal the using the Jenga coupon. So it must be true. =)

    3. Anonymous

      Can’t find Monopoly Q’s Can you help me out?

  20. Anonymous

    So…there are 2 different $10 GC wyb $75 Toys R Us coupons available (with different UPCs). can I use them both and get another $20 on Toys R Us gift cards (in addition to the $15 wyb $50 Hasbro)? They both say “Limit one promotional Gift Card per guest” (as, I believe, all TRU coupons say), but someone on here mentioned they got a $10 for Hasbro and $10 wyb $75 in the same transaction, so I was just wondering if the ‘limit one’ meant limit 1 (of the same) gift card per guest?

    If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank You!

  21. Natalie

    I just came back from Toys R Us. $5 Monopoly in Toys R Us (Championship edition) is the doesn’t include in the Hasbro rebate. The one including in the rebate promotion is the regular one which is 25% off in Toys R Us now.

    1. Debbie

      I discovered the same issue this morning. If I want the $5 Monopoly game, I cannot get the Hasbro rebate as the Championship edition of Monopoly is not one of the vaild product codes included in the rebate. However for some good news, my ToysRUs was giving out a free tote bag (with a scrabble picture on it) with any $20 Hasbro purchase. Nice bonus.

  22. arios956

    how would we go about this if we wanted to price match at target? and would we even be able to?

    1. arios956

      I know we wouldn’t get the gc but the prices are still great.

  23. Anonymous

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone. The original deal scenario has been corrected to reflect the rebate limit of 4 alike games. This is a great deal for toy drives!

  24. Rina4Qs

    Rebate online or in store?

  25. Rina4Qs

    Is rebate in store or online?

  26. Jim

    Doesn’t using the coupon put you under the $50 reducing your gift card amount from $15 to $10?

  27. 3L2014

    Just wanted to let you know that “Sorry!” is not listed as a qualifying product for this offer on the Hasbro website. If anyone has found a Monopoly game advertised for $5, please let me know!

  28. 27up27down

    I could be wrong but I’m not getting your numbers when I work it out myself.

    I get: $135 spent
    -$40 in GC
    -$40 in rebate
    for an OOP of $55 (3.66 per game)

    Did I miss $20 somewhere?

  29. becky

    I spent about an hour, frustrated, in Toys R Us. Mine had the bag, rebate, and gift card deal advertised in the store. I ended up doing 2 Life, 2 Scrabble, 2 Jenga (minus $2 for each). So, spent 59 OOP, got the $15 card, and will be able to submit for the rebate. So I guess $29 for 6 games isn’t bad. I’m chalking it up to $5 Jengas which beats the Thanksgiving Wal-Mart doorbuster of 9.88 :)

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