Our pets are members of our family, and we love them unconditionally. But when it comes to expensive vet bills and surgery, we also feel a great financial burden. For some it’s too much to handle–problems can go untreated, or even worse, families may have to say goodbye to their beloved pets. However, there is help for those who are struggling to find a way to pay for treatment for their animal friends. Here are some options to help you pay for your pet’s vet bills:



  • GoFundMe is a free online do-it-yourself fundraising or “crowdfunding” service. Make a profile, advertise your page on Facebook or other social media, spread the word to friends and family, and receive donations in real time. While there’s no cost to you, the site automatically deducts a 5% fee from each donation you receive. You will never be billed for anything, even if you don’t receive any donations.
  • Another reputable free website created to help raise money for medical bills is GiveForward. GiveForward works the same as GoFundMe; however, they take a larger percentage–7% of every donation.


  • Got a pound hound? Some veterinary hospitals offer discounts for rescue animals. If you got your pet from a registered 501 (c) non-profit organization, then you may qualify.
  • Working in a veterinary clinic, even just part-time, could score you a discount. In addition to creating an opportunity for a discount on treatment, it’s a chance to make a little extra cash to pay the remainder of that vet bill and to become better educated in how to care for your pet.

Financial Aid

  • There are some great organizations out there willing to help with veterinary bills and services. However, due to the state of the economy, most of them are only able to help animals in life-threatening emergencies. Organizations like IMOMAngels 4 Animals and The Pet Fund are dedicated to making sure animals do not have to be euthanized simply because their caretaker is financially challenged.
  • Another option is to apply for financing with Care Credit. Care Credit is essentially a health care credit account which allows you to set up specialized financing and low monthly payment options with no up-front costs.

This is a guest post by Amanda from Greensboro, NC
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2 thoughts on “How to Get Help Paying Vet Bills”

Before asking friends on the Internet for help, owners need to really figure out on how to raise the money themselves. Get a loan from the bank. Ask family for a loan. Sell things inside your home. If you have 2 living room chairs, sell one of them. Sell that big screen TV and get a smaller or portable TV. Have a garage or yard sale or bake sale. There are SO MANY things that people can do to pay for their own vet bills. After owners have done everything humanly possible to raise their own money, and they’re still short, then that’s the time to get a fund raiser started. I am more then willing to help with a donation of my own, but I want to first see what the owners have done first, to take care of their pet’s vet bills.


I have health insurance on my puppy through Petsmart. It’s $29/month per dog and totally worth it! That insurance is better than my own sometimes, they have covered more than what I paid them monthly. Of course you could not have it and put that aside but I take advantage of the free check ups, blood work everything they offer to make sure my dog is healthy and up to date on her shots. My older dog (cocker spaniel) had insurance on her since she was 6 and lived to be 18 and our puppy has it and has covered her shots, getting her fixed and check ups.


Another way to do it, is to set up an account with your vet and people can make their donations towards that account. No 5% deduction that way. Check with your vet first to make sure they allow this. My vet is AMAZING and will just send monthly statements that tell you what you owe, and you can just pay what you can when you can. Whether its $5 or $1000, as long as you pay SOMETHING each month, they will do whatever procedure your pet may need and bill later.