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It’s Back! Free Haircuts for Kids at JCPenney Salons!

JCPenney salons are offering a great deal this month! Through November, children from kindergarten to sixth grade can receive a free haircut on Sundays. Click here to find a salon near you. Plan to make reservations, because the shop is sure to be busy all month!


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6 thoughts on “It’s Back! Free Haircuts for Kids at JCPenney Salons!”

  1. guest says:

    got appointment last time…….went with my twins on time……after waiting for 30 mins, a salon lady started with one of my kids and after experimenting with the kid for 5 mins, she informed us that she does not have any experience with kids hair cut…. Think before you go….I had a very bad experience…

  2. Nancy says:

    i rather pay than taking my kids to jcpenney for a free hair cut again,

  3. Queento6 says:

    I thought this was a forever deal now; not just for the month of November.

    • Anonymous says:

      From my understanding, this promotion did so well before the school year started that they brought it back.

  4. 4mykidz says:

    I took my kids before school and I would never take them there again not even it it’s free.

  5. clwhite82 says:

    Sweet! My son’s getting pretty shaggy! lol