If you want to get Mom a hot gift for Mother’s Day, check out this great Kindle deal at Walmart! Through 5/5,when you buy a 6″ Kindle with wi-fi, you’ll get a $30.00 Walmart gift card. The Kindle is priced at $79.00, so it will be just $49.00 after the gift card! It looks like this deal is only available in-store, so hurry to score one today.

Thanks, I Heart the Mart 

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23 thoughts on “Kindle with Wi-Fi Only $49.00 at Walmart!”

  1. Jacquelyn says:

    I would like to get one where is ur store located at Upper Darby

  2. what all can you do with this kindle?

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s an e-reader, but it has wifi, so you can download books without a computer over your wireless network. I believe that there are also games you can play on it, but it’s primary use is for reading books.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know if this promotion works with the Kindle Fire?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Do we know if the gift cad promo will work with the Kindle Fire???

    • Sarah Vinson says:

      I am wondering the same thing!

    • Anonymous says:

      The ad seemed pretty specific about this deal only working with the 6″ kindle with wifi, but if anyone gets it to work with the kindle fire, let us know!

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t know if this deal will work with the Kindle Fire but there was a fantastic deal back in February at Walmart for a $50 gift card when you purchased a Kindle Fire for $199. Today, Amazon had a special one day sale for a refurbished Kindle Fire for $139, that’s $30 off the regular price of $169. I just went to check but they are already out of stock. They must have sold out pretty quickly.

      Barnes & Noble also has a Mother’s Day sale for their Nook e-readers too. The Nook Color is down from $169 to $149 and the Nook Simple Touch is down from $99 to $79. The Barnes & Noble sale runs until the day before Mother’s Day.

      Unless you see a really good deal on a Kindle Fire, I would suggest that you wait a little before picking one up. Samsung just released their entry level Galaxy Tab 2 at $249 and the Kindle Fire has been out for about six months now. Microsoft is working on new tablets and integrating it with the new version of Windows. I think that a price war is right on the horizon and we could see the prices on tablets really drop in the near future.

      • Sarah Vinson says:

        Its not :( @Ricky522:disqus  I heard about that deal but for some reason didnt get around to buying one! Just bought one for full price.

  5. Anonymous says:

    thank you all for your input. I am totally behind in technology (im old fashion , what can i say??)..but my husband is definatly the geek type..the more option the better. He doesnt like it if he doesnt have to fix it it iseems ;)..so i will think of all of that.
    anybody knows where i could find a nook maybe for cheap..or …give me an idea on the price??
    thank you much!

  6. Anonymous says:

    This doesn’t come with a charger? My sister just picked one up and they said it’s not included?

  7. Kelli Carter says:

    Does this have an internet browser….fb and twitter?

    • Anonymous says:

      If you are looking for an ereader to use the internet, I don’t suggest a regular eReader. You would want something like the Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet. It can be difficult to use the internet browser that comes standard with the older versions of the Nook. I have Nook first version and the browser is very clunky and not easy to use like the touch screen eReaders are. Definitely go try the eReaders out at Barnes and Noble and maybe BestBuy for that specific feature.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, this isn’t a tablet, only an e-reader.

  8. GSD Science says:

    If you are an Amazon Prime member, then the Kindle is definitely the way to go since you also have access to Amazon’s “lending library”-which is one free book a month to borrow (including new titles).  There are always free kindle books to download from Amazon.  I love the battery life on the Kindle…it can go days and days and days.  The Wi-fi only isn’t a big deal–it just means that you need to buy/download items when you are at home or in a place with free wifi (or somewhere you can connect the cable to a computer).  I haven’t seen the ads that come with this Kindle, but for $49, I’d be fine with it.  I’ve had my original Kindle for about 5 years and it is still amazing-and I paid $400 for it.  You can read it outside, change the font size, create bookmarks and more.  Go for it.

  9. Tina Griswold says:

    I love my Kindle.  I have the adds on mine, but they only display when the Kindle is off and at the bottom of the list of books.  They do not display when reading the books.  Many of the books I have are free ones from Amazon.


  10. Anonymous says:

    I hope someone out there knows about this stuff lol. Is this a good price and agood machine? my husband has more books than u can bare to imagine. So i was thinking of getting this for him as a surprise (also it is our anniversary :) ) but im thinking he wanted a nook (spelling??)..what is the big difference between this and a nook (whatever that is!)
    if someone could give me a clue..that would be very kind. Thanks

    • MaryF says:

      The Kindle with electronic ink is better than the nook because you can read the electronic ink outside, where as the nook is like your screen on your smart phones LCD and if the sun hits it you can’t really read it clearly. Also the Kindle has an easy access to many free books as well as the ones you purchase. Hope this helps.

      • This is wrong. There are multiple devices in the Nook line. Two are the Nook Color and Nook Tablet, which have LCD screens, apps, games, the internet, etc, so they (like the Kindle Fire, might I add) are not great in the sun. But the other two models are the Nook Simple Touch, which is more or less comparable to a Kindle and looks WONDERFUL in the sun, and the new Nook Glow Light, which is like a Nook Simple Touch or Kindle but has a new built in back-light so that you can read in the dark.

    • transformedgeneration says:

      This is a really great price, but there are two things to consider. 1.) It only has Wi-Fi. If you are like me and don’t have wireless internet at your house then you’ll want to get the (slightly more expensive) Wi-Fi + 3G. 2.) This version is the “special offers” version, meaning the Kindle will display ads on occasion (though I’m told not while you are reading).

      As far as Kindle goes, I think it depends on whether you like Amazon or Barnes and Noble (which produces Nook) more. I’d check a few of the latest books that you are interested on both websites and see which e-book version is cheaper. Also, do you want touch screen? Do you want color? This Kindle with Wi-Fi isn’t touch screen and is black and white. 

      Comparison shop. Go to an office store near you and find the displays and test them all out. That helped me decide which one I wanted, and then I looked for the best price.

  11. Is there a link to this?? I am unable to find it on the website.