Fun Fact: Marvel’s The Avengers earned over $1.5 billion worldwide since its release in theatres on May 4, making it the third highest grossing movie of all time. It releases today, September 25 on DVD and Blu-Ray in 6 different packages and formats. For those of us without a blockbuster budget, here are the best deals:

Widescreen DVD, single disc at Toys ‘R’ Us $14.99


Widescreen DVD, single disc at Fred Meyer/Kroger/Ralph’s/Smith’s/Fry’s special $16.99
Buy 1, Receive a FREE 2 L Dr. Pepper, 6-10 ct Pop Secret microwave popcorn, and Red Baron ‘Feast for One’ pizza. 


Two Disc DVD/Blu-Ray Combo Pack Best Buy $19.99
Available online or in store.


Two Disc DVD/Blu-Ray Combo Pack Toys ‘R’ Us special $22.99
Buy 1, Receive a free $5 Toys ‘R’ Us gift card with purchase
Final Price: $17.99 


Four-Disc, 3-D Blu-Ray/Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack (includes digital copy and movie soundtrack) Target $19.99
This is $5 lower than any other store, as Target is offering this as a substitute for the 2-disc Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack, which it will not have in stock. Disclaimers have been posted at Target stores: The Marvel’s The Avengers movie that is featured in the week’s ad is not available in a Blu-ray+DVD+Digital combo pack. To compensate, the 3D with Digital combo pack has been reduced to $19.99. We apologize for any inconvenience. Rain checks are not available. Prices Valid: 9/23 – 9/29.

Quantities are limited in many stores, so rain checks may not be available. Best Buy, Target, and Walmart all have price matching policies, but they are a bit ambiguous sometimes to limited stock items, so if you want to price match be sure to have physical store ads and the company price guarantee policy printed before you go to the store! 

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4 thoughts on “Marvel’s The Avengers DVD/Blu-Ray Deals, As Low As $14.99”

  1. Lisa12 says:

    The Kroger store I work at ran out of the DVDs within an hour of stocking them up. We restocked the display 5 times while I was there today and all times ran out of DVDs quickly. Most customers didn’t notice the big coupon display next to it for the free items. We ran out of the Blu-Ray ones only once. We are allowing rain checks on them, however the DVD is $16.99 until 10/7. The coupons expire 10/3, so ill be grabbing some when we get more in stock, a bunch of employees got permission from the manager to have a copy on hold for them for one day on the day we get more, then they go out on display.

  2. Q of heart says:

    I went to a Super Target near my work and found the four disc package for $19.99 and just had to have it… unfortunately, they were out of stock… but they had a stack of rain checks sitting in front of where they should be, so I took one. Decided to stop by the Target near my house to check if they had it there, and they were out of stock too… but this time I did see on the sign that it said “rain checks not available,” so I’m not sure why the other one was giving them out. Just lucky I guess. Anywho… decided to take the rain check to Best Buy to see if they would price match it for me, and they did, so woo-hoo… I didn’t have to wait! :)