Quick, everybody, check your inbox! Don’t forget about the spam folder too. Lots of people have reported receiving a great new coupon from JCPenney this morning. Save $10.00 on a purchase of $10.00 or more. The coupon is valid through 11/14 and is good on clearance. So scour the clearance racks to find the best deal. I spotted this purse priced at only $10.00, marked down from $70.00. Use the coupon to buy it, and pay just tax. Let us know about the great deals you find!

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21 thoughts on “Check Your Inbox—Save $10.00 on a Purchase of $10.00 or More at JCPenney!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Be sure to check your spam folder.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You’re correct, Gigi. You need to be signed up for emails to receive it. I recommend signing up for emails to any stores that you regularly shop at or want to shop at : )

  3. LynnATL says:

    Is there a link to maybe get it?? I’m not signed up with JCP for coups. Thanks!!! LOVE KCL!!!!

  4. Jamie says:

    The coupon is in-store only. But do you have to print it or can they scan it from a smartphone?

  5. ambies186 says:

    does it say it is from JCPenney?

  6. wendyn says:

    be careful clicking on any links unless you are sure…there is so much spam, hoax, and phishing going on! Be safe! we just had to scan, defragment and clean up our pc b/c it was near crashing…just be careful!!!

  7. Kylee S. says:

    Got it but it’s good through Sunday November 4th, not sure if people have different ones but if not you may want to update the date on this post! :)

  8. Jenna says:

    Look at ur junk folder,that’s where I found mine! :)

  9. Maria says:

    You may have deleted it because it doesn’t say from JCP…check your emails with the title: “A LETTER AND GIFT FROM OUR CEO” and you should have one…I deleted mine this morning since I don’t open “junk mail”, however I just restored it and the coupon is there…The offer is for in store purchases only…Hope this helps!!!!

  10. Maria says:

    Is there a code you can use for orders on line?

  11. kelly says:

    i didn’t get one

  12. jesmitty says:

    I used to get the coupons all the time. Now I never receive any emails from JCP. What’s the deal?

  13. thefang017 says:

    I didnt get one :(

  14. khphills says:

    How do you get it to print? I can’t copy and paste or print page!

  15. Elvia R says:

    I like the purse do you have more info for it so i can score one too i check my mail I receive one coupon too

    • Anonymous says:

      The purse is on clearance, but clearance will vary from store to store. Check your store to see what you can find.

  16. kavitho says:

    go it. thank u very much.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for letting us know!