Acne is something nobody likes. Whether you’re 13 or 25, it’s torture for its sufferers. I’m a 24 year old victim. I’ve been in chains since I was 12. Not only have I struggled with year round pizza face and the monthly mother nature outbreak, but I’ve also been a victim of cystic acne.  This is next to impossible to get rid of.

I’ve faced all of the embarrassing visits to the dermatologist and have been given all the creams and medications. Nothing has worked. In a society where beauty is everything, this can be devastating. I was so desperate, in fact, that I signed up for the monthly expensive acne systems that automatically drafted my account on the first of every month. Even those treatments only worked moderately well. It just wasn’t enough.

Living on a median income and having to feed a family of four, this expense was difficult to justify. So, in my act of desperation, I went Googling. I wasn’t looking for anymore miracle creams or face washes I couldn’t afford. I was looking for at-home remedies. I found a webpage that recommended using three, all natural, and super-cheap ingredients. Ready for it?

  • 1 cup water.
  • 1 cup apple cider vinegar.
  • a few drops of tea tree oil.

Mix all three ingredients and store in a spray bottle.

The smell of tea tree oil is very strong, almost unbearable, but at this point I was willing to try anything.

After pouring it into the bottle, give it a good swirl, spray on a cotton pad, and wipe the acne-affected areas. The smell does fade completely after 10 minutes of use. I used this remedy twice a day on my face: in the morning before applying makeup and in the evening after washing my face. Like some miracle, within a week I was almost completely cured! After two weeks, not a trace.

Total cost for about six months’ worth–drum roll please…$10! Oftentimes I even put a few drops of tea tree oil into my warm bath water and soak for 20 minutes. Everybody’s skin is different; not everything works for everyone.  Before you go burning your skin off with fire and gasoline, give this all natural remedy a try. It worked great for me. I hope it’s your cheap miracle, too!

This has been a guest post by Kristin from Savannah, GA
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26 thoughts on “Cure Acne On A Budget the All Natural Way”

  1. Plus they are only $3.99 for 50 pads, they work better and cost a lot less than anything out there!

  2. Trader Joe’s sells a cleaning pad with Tea Tree oil in it, so it will exfoliate too!! I love them and I have suffered from Acne all my life too and I’m 32!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just wondering if you wash it off or leave it on under your make up?

  4. I too have cystic acne that popped up after moving from a dry climate in Washington to a humid climate in Oregon. Over the summer I developed these painful cyst like pimples that would not go away and I tried every thing. I did find some all natural acne “cures” on ehow that I tried and they actual are working. Here is  my routine, I wash my face ( I use clean and clear morning burst or simple face wash). Step 2  using a cotton ball wipe face down with witch hazel and let dry. Step 3 I use a mixture of water and tea tree oil ( 4 drops to 1/4 cup of filtered water) and a cotton swap and wipe affected area and let dry, Step 4 use a acne cream that does not contain benzyl peroxide. Step 5 moisturize. I have been doing this for a month and my skin has been the clearest it been since we moved. I should also note that I also use Hydro cortisone cream on my face to because of excema and occasional hives. I hope this was helpful.

  5. Does anybody know a great inexpensive daily moisturizing for oily skin?.?. 

    • wallgreens has their brand of Vitamin E lotion-will be with the regular lotions not the face products. I used it by mistake on my face and it works pretty nice! Not heavy or anything! Cost around $3-4.00

    • Incognito says:

      Coconut oil! I know, it sounds counter-productive. It felt sooo wrong the first time I put it on my face, but after about 2 weeks-ish it makes your skin SO nice! It really helps with acne, too. Google around a bit about coconut oil for oily skin, I think you’ll be conviced. Just make sure you get organic extra virgin.

  6. Nicole Zulu says:

    Thanks for the tip. I didn’t experience acne until my late twenties, it is such a hassle!  AC vinegar is also good if used as a hair rinse/leave in conditioner, use half vinegar and half spring water, the smell goes away as it dries.

  7. Leslie Mangum says:

    Thanks! I have all of these products and use them for various ailments. Tea tree oil will heal ANYTHING on the skin (burns, fungus, eczema, scraped knee, spider bite)…but it can dry out my face. And ACV is so great for congestion and overall digestion. I never thought of combining these! Thank you so much!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, i was googling as well but havent found anything decent lately so i gave up. I will def be giving this a try. i am in my mid 40s and have had a problem for the past year and am soooo tired of it.  I am actually afraid people are going to think I am doing meth.  Good thing I have good teeth!  lol

  9. Stacy says:

    check the website has great offers , and for free

  10. Incognito says:

    Thanks! I use extra virgin coconut oil (about $7 for a 16 oz jar at Trader Joe’s) as moisturizer for my acne-prone skin. It works WONDERS. I’m going to have to give this a try though, as well….

  11. Brandie Tryban says:

    Thanks!!! I have been using Clinique, so I will give this a try! :)

  12. I don’t have acne. Just a few breakouts here and there… mostly white heads… ugh I HATE THEM! I will use this recipe.

  13. dayna lloyd says:

    I heard that apple cider vinegar is a good natural toner.  I have been using it almost everyday for the past couple of weeks.  My skin looks smoother, but I still get the occasional monthly breakout via mother nature.  It was hard to get use to the smell at first, but now it isn’t so bad.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Where do you buy tree oil?

  15. Anonymous says:

    I once had acne so bad, even my pores have stretch marks.

    • Anonymous says:

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