An average gym membership can run as high as $100 per month. A single Pilates or TurboFit class can cost$10! That’ll keep your body in shape but it is hardly a recipe for financial fitness. It could be tempting to just stay at home on the couch. We Krazy Coupon gals and guys don’t get discouraged, right? We just look for a better deal!

Nothing can beat free. There are tons of online resources that provide free workout and exercise videos to watch and participate with right from the comfort of your home. No need to fancy up and head to the gym, and no need to whip out your checkbook for a hefty membership fee.

Here are free online fitness resources:

1. This site offers exercises for every body part and for people of all fitness levels. Start simple, or view the more extensive videos that use a variety of workout materials, including resources for strength training and developing flexibility. This site is comprehensive; download the videos to your iPod or iPhone!

2. This site was created for fitness professionals, but the site designers decided to extend their services to the rest of us. The site hosts over 800 videos. Just click on a body part to view exercise videos for the corresponding muscle group. Simple!

3. One of my faves! This site allows you to get a Fifth Avenue Pilates workout without a Manhattan pricetag! Katherine and Kimberly Corp, former Radio City Rockettes, created this site, which offers hundreds of free Pilates and Pilates-evolved workouts. Many of the exercises use the stability ball. The exercises are constantly updated. You can subscribe for free with iTunes or with YouTube!

4. Fitness Magazine: This site is brought to you by the namesake magazine and features a variety of free fitness videos. Choose from abs, legs, arms, and more. Intensity varies, so you can choose what works for your fitness level.

5. Six Pack Factory: Who doesn’t want a great six-pack stomach? This site offers free videos that focus on stomach muscles so you can be ready for bathing suit weather. Choose from a variety of levels! There is even a video perfect for someone without a lot of space to work out in. Great for apartment dwellers!

6. Slim Tree: This site offers several full length workout routines. Choose from Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics, Kickboxing and more. They even have a 10 minute warm-up video so you can prep for the routine to come.

7. Prevention Magazine: This site offers a huge variety of exercise videos for you to check out for free! Hundreds of videos are there for your browsing so you can work on tightening your abs, stretching, your cardio routine, and more. This site is super-easy to navigate.

8. YouTube: Last but not least, if you are looking for a specific exercise, you can head to Just remember, anyone can post a video to so you may not be getting professional advice.

If you are tired of (or just can’t afford) shelling out extra cash for gym memberships, consider using these online resources. That’s a healthy move for you and your wallet.


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19 thoughts on “Fit and Frugal: Online Sites to Find Free Workout Videos”

  1. Donna Sutton says:

    There is too.  I love them and have been a member for years!  They have exercise videos, fitness plans, meal planning, recipes, support communities, etc…and it’s all FREE!   

  2. ColdNovember85 says:

    There’s the LIBRARY!!!! It’s nice to try new things and not waste $ on routines or instructors that I don’t like

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am very dissapointed that the links offered have not been tested ahead of time. As soon as I saw it was that awful Quality Health site I got out. I put the link in favorites yesterday and just now tried it. I have deleted it and won’t be going directly to ANY links mentioned by this web site that aren’t already known to be spam/virus free. I am becoming very disenchanted with this web site for many reasons.

  4. Melissa says: another great free site with in depth details on individual exercises including video tutorials. Full workouts. And the option to search for specific exercises that target a specific area like quads, bicep, hamstrings ect. This is awesome if you want to change things up or work different parts of a muscle.

  5. Carole Bys says:

    I use There is a free section and a paid part. But the free section has everything you need and tons of workouts. I will have to look into these other ones too as I love variety.

  6. Kabs9702 says:

    I can’t believe my favorite FREE weight loss website didn’t make it on the list.!  They do it all, food tracking, articles about healthy eating and exercise, group forums, etc.  They have lots of free exercise videos on that site to you.  Plus, they are shown on, so if you don’t want to join this wonderful FREE website and just want the videos, go to Youtube and either search for Coach Nicole or Sparkpeople.  

  7. Anonymous says:

    If you have Comcast, they have free workouts in the “On Demand” menu.

  8. Sissa51 says: is my favorite website. they have tons of free exercises and videos plus calorie/fitness trackers and message boards with motivational tips

  9. Bearsdenrose says:

    free zumba was shut down for copyrite infringment it said when i tried

  10. is also a great resource for free exercise videos and exercise plans!

  11. Lynn says:

    Thanks for this info.  Love your site, my fave for saving moola!  You really go the extra mile with the info you offer.

  12. Pepsi9 says:

    I had to pick an option such as signing up to use a website’s toolbar in order to download the free zumba fitness video.  No thanks.

  13. Exercisetv was discontinued quite a while back. It was really a great site and I loved the instructors. I was very sorry to see them close the site down :(

  14. Kacey Conley says: is my favorite free workout website! They have cardio, strength training, and yoga. Each workout is no longer than 30 min. but you will be dripping sweat by the time you are done. They have different workouts for beginners and pros and they do a good job at showing lots of different modifications for each workout. I heard about this site on Pinterest and I have fallen in love with it!

  15. Mary says:

    WARNING about Free Zumba link…I rec’d a message that said this link may make computer vulnerable to virus and the Exercise TV link does not work.