Women everywhere have a wardrobe secret: Spanx! Come to think of it, it’s not actually such a secret. Did anyone see that Oprah episode where Oprah unzipped the top of her pants to show off her Spanx? I can just hear Mrs. O now: “You get Spanx! And you get Spanx! Everyone in the audience is getting Spanx!” Likewise, Miley Cyrus calls them “a gift from God”, Kim Kardashian is a known devotee, and Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer unabashedly admitted she wore three pairs of Spanx at the same time under her Oscar gown. Don’t worry! You don’t need to have a celebrity’s bank roll or be a lucky audience member on an Oprah’s Favorite Things show to get your hands on a pair of Spanx.

Today on Zulily, Spanx are up to 60% off. Check out the Spanx Skinny Britches Cheeky Cut Thong for sheer shaping power comfortable enough to wear all day long! These Skinny Britches are only $11.99, plus $5.99 shipping! The same pair of shaping underwear are $32.00 including shipping on Amazon.com.

Zulily.com  Spanx Skinny Britches $11.99 + $5.99 Shipping
Amazon.com    Spanx Skinny Britches $32.00 + Free shipping 

If you want to get your hands on some Spanx at great prices, hurry on over to Zulily as fast as you can. The Spanx sale ends on Sunday, April 15th at 6:00AM PDT, but it’s almost a sure bet that all the items included in the sale will sell out long before then.

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3 thoughts on “Hurry! Spanx up to 60% Off!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    It says they’re all gone

    • Anonymous says:

       the spanx website offers free shipping everyday and have a larger variety and some are the same price or cheaper if you’re looking for these. i went to see if i could order my mom some at this price (she’s been wanting to try spanx for months!)

      anyway, after seeing they were sold out i went to the website and was suprised at free shipping and bought her one for only $9.00 + you can use ebates to get cash back so IMO better deal.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Whew!…I read that too fast…for a second I thought you left out the ‘r’ in “Spanx Skinny Britches”…lol