Women who wear size XS or a Petite Size 2 or smaller know the challenge of finding affordable, stylish outfits. Save big by shopping  in the children’s department. Don’t worry–the outfits offered these days in the children’s department are far more fashionable that the duds your mother used to buy. Many children’s clothing lines feature fashion-forward items such as skinny jeans and classic oxford shirts. For your best bet, stick to brands that offer clothing for both women and children. Often, pieces from the children’s line are almost identical to their grown-up counterparts.


Crewcuts is J.Crew’s children’s line. If you are petite and slim,  you may be able to fit into some of the larger Crewcuts sizes. For example, a Crewcuts girls’ size 14 is indicated for a female 4’10”-5’3”, 90-112 lbs., with a 26” waist, 34” seat (hip), and a 32” bust (chest). By comparison, a J.Crew women’s petite size 2 is indicated for a woman under 5’4” with a 25” waist, 34” hip, and a 32.5″ chest. A women’s petite size 2 or smaller will likely match a Crewcuts girls’ size 14.

Left: J.Crew Women’s Ankle Stretch Toothpick Jean in White Denim ($125.00)
Right: Crewcuts Girls’ White Matchstick Jean ($49.50)


Gap Kids girls’ size XXL in jackets/outerwear measures 60″-64″ (height), 94-115lbs. (weight), 31.5″-33″ (chest), and a 28.25″-29.5″ (sleeve length). By comparison, a Gap women’s petite size XS fits 64″ and under (height), 32″-33″ (chest), and a 27″-27.5″ (sleeve length). If you can wear a Gap women’s petite size XS or XXS, you fit into larger Gap Kids girls’ sizes. Gap and Gap Kids size charts here.

Left: GAP Women’s 1969 Favorite Denim Jacket ($79.95)
Right: GAP Kids Girls’ Classic Denim Jacket ($34.95)

Ralph Lauren/Ralph Lauren Kids

A Ralph Lauren boys’ shirt in a Size 20 fits measurements of 66.5″-88.5″ (height), 127-138lbs. (weight), and a 29″ (waist). A women’s shirt in size medium by the same designer fits a 35.5″-36.5″ (chest), 28.5″-29.5″ (waist), and a 38.5″-39.5″ (hip). If you can wear a Ralph Lauren women’s size medium or smaller, you will probably be able to fit into a Ralph Lauren boys’ shirt size 20 or smaller. Complete size charts here.

Left: Ralph Lauren Women’s Megan Solid Oxford Shirt ($89.50)
Right: Ralph Lauren Boy’s Oxford Shirt ($34.99)

Nike/Nike Girls

Nike girls’ size extra large (Size 16) clothing fits up to a 33.25″ (chest), 26.75″ (waist), and a 35″ (hip). A Nike women’s size small (Size 4-6) fits up to a 34.5″ (bust), 26.5″ (waist), and a 36″ (hip). A Nike girls’ size extra large will likely match a women’s size small. Size charts here and here.

Left: Nike Women’s Power Knit Tennis Skirt ($54.00)
Right: Nike Girls’ Backhand Border Tennis Skirt ($30.00)

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10 thoughts on “XS Prices: Shop for Petite Sizes in the Children’s Department and Save Big!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I do that! I have a rather short and small stature and I usually shop in the kids section at Target. I find it’s cheaper and the clothes fit me better than the adult clothes. I just wear a size L out of the kids section and it’ll last a long time! The only clothes I buy out of the petites section is pants for work, since kids ones all have designs on them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If you have smaller feet, you may be able to wear a kids size 5 for some brands. I love my Ugg boots in the winter and the women’s sizes only go as low as 6.Save yourself some money and go to the kids section! Fyi I usually wear a 5 1/2. If you have trouble with jeans, Express is a great option. You get to pick your cut, ultra slim, slim, regular, or curvy. Then you choose your size and inseam (long, regular, or short). If you catch a sale or have a coupon they are not too bad and they last a long time. And their clothes are sized more like junior sizing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I remember my friend’s wife told me she buys shirts in the children’s section.  I thought she was kidding, but she says she buys the largest shirt they have and it fits her.  She’s normal in weight, but she’s a big chested gal and the shirts still fit her!

    Also, I’m a little shame to admit it but I do shop in the junior section. The clothes are cheaper for some reason. I was trying on slacks and I noticed the slacks from the women’s section were $5-$6 more than what was in the juniors section. Also they have a lot more cuter stuff.

  4. Ryan B says:

     I recently bought some fitness apparel shirts from the Nike outlet nearby.. all boys XL, and all look great on me. I also have a girls XL swimming suit bikini because I couldnt find a womens that fit and needed one right away. I wear size 6 undies and am 140 lbs with a smaller chest circumference, but I agree, sometimes the little girls/boys sizes are great and you dont have to be THAT petite to use them!

  5. Dana Edwards says:

    yeah that’s one problem I definitely don’t have

  6. Tiffany D. says:

    I only have good luck doing this with a few brands, most brands have kids clothes that look like they’re made for 14 year olds. I’d rather spend a bit of cash to alter something that looks like it’s made for my age

  7. It sucks going into normal stores and finding that the xs is too big.I understand that everyone’s body is different, but I hate having to buy children’s clothes for myself!I know that most people would kill to have this problem, but it really is unfortunate.I’m short and small but i’m still curvy so it’s hard to find sizes 1 and 2 made for people with a butt, and the same with children’s clothes.Kids don’t have “figures” yet so they tend to be very boxy.I hate having to get all my pants hemmed too :[ the short size is never short enough…I wish stores would offer  even shorter options.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed- I’m not even super tiny, but I’ve bought girls size 16 clothes before and, since they don’t exactly have a chest at that age, they don’t make the clothes for a woman’s body. Basic A-line skirts are pretty much the only thing that will work for me in a girl’s size.

      • Anonymous says:

         I usually buy them a size too big. I out it on inside out at home and mark my waist on the shirt and then shirr the shirt there or add a cute sideways drawstring to the outside. It makes it unique and gives a more curved shape to the shirt.