I love free stuff as much as the next person. But if I can get the free stuff without having to fill out surveys, send in receipts, or even clip coupons—well, that’s nothing short of ideal! These resources will help you do just that.

Note: Most of these sites have email alerts. I highly recommend signing up for them so you can jump on a free offer right away.


1. Woman Freebies


Woman Freebies has a huge selection of freebies and samples. From free pizza to free beauty samples, they have it. Be sure to enter their daily giveaway for the chance to win prizes like an iPad, KitchenAid, or Keurig. Like them on Facebook to stay on top of the best samples.


2. Free Stuff


You’ll find three tiers of items on Free Stuff—from “tier 1” expensive items that may ask you to jump through a hoop or two first, to “tier 3” freebies you can request outright.


3. Sample A Day


Two guys, Nick and Scott, started Sample A Day. Nick and Scott love two things: free stuff and humor. As such, you may also come across some of their trademark humor as you’re browsing for freebies! The website doesn't dispense the freebies, but rather gives you the links you need to request what you want from the companies doing the offering.


4. I Love Free Things


I Love Free Things has been featured by Fox and ABC TV. The site is chartered to be “the link between companies and consumers.” While you may have to get used to navigating between the plentiful third-party ads to find the on-site freebies, the site has been live since 2006, so it’s here to stay.

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5. Sweet Free Stuff



Sweet Free Stuff features daily free samples and free stuff. The site was launched in 2002 specifically to promote scam-free freebies—sweet, indeed!


6. My Free Product Samples


My Free Product Samples also connects you with fresh, free offers with no strings attached. The site promises to avoid scams and even has a dedicated page with a tutorial on how to spot and avoid scam offers.



7. Free Stuff Times


The Free Stuff Times is a very nicely arranged site—it’s easy to navigate and comes equipped with plentiful social media options and apps so you can check for deals on the go. In addition to outright freebies, you can also shop for free movie screening tickets, books, music, coupons that make purchases free, contests and more—fun!


Bonus: Freeflys



Freeflys has been featured on the Today Show, The Doctors, Fox News and other media sources. You can browse deals or subscribe to receive daily email alerts when new freebies are posted. One neat feature on this site is a search bar that lets you search directly for the freebies you want.


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