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Shopping with lists, coupons and sorting multi-transactions can be hectic enough. Tossing in a notebook to jot down sales prices and store information can be even more complicated.

But I have a little secret: I take photos–a lot of photos–of products and prices with my smartphone.

  • If I spot an item on clearance I have a coupon for at home, I take a photo of the product and price tag to reference later.
  • If I need to request a rain check because a product is out, I take a photo of the price tag/SKU and bring it to the cashier to complete a rain check form for me.
  • If I want to ensure I am receiving the full savings on an in-store sale, I take a photo of the advertised special and bring it with me to the checkout counter.
  • If I spot a deal I can’t wait to share with my friends and family, then it’s snap, send and share!
  • If I want to track prices at different stores, I snap a pic of the product and price to make an informed decision on where to make my purchase.
  • If I want to review the price and combine it with sales cycles to ensure the best deal before I stockpile, I take a pic to go home and determine if it’s worth stocking up now or waiting.

My phone is always within arm’s reach while I shop. I whip it out and click my way to greater savings.

By taking photos, I save time, paper and sanity. I can easily reference a clearance item at home to check and see if I do have the coupon to apply, assist a store clerk with writing rain checks instead of thumbing through the weekly sales ad, and, on occasion, help a clerk clarify a store sale that does not ring up properly simply by showing the photo at checkout.

When all is said and done, I delete the photos to make room for next week’s deals.

This has been a guest post by Deborah from San Diego, CA
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6 thoughts on “Snap Savings: Take Pictures to Track Price Adjustments, Get Rain Checks and More”

Have done the same thing makes it so much easier to remember what something was if I am at another store and if it really would be a better buy or not:) love it


I just did this the other day! I went to Target and bought some Dial Body Wash… they were on sale for $3.99, plus a $5 gift card if you bought 3 of them… but they rang up $4.99 each, and I didn’t notice until I got home and looked at the receipt… so, I ran back to Target to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me, snapped a picture and took it to customer service where they corrected it for me 🙂


I do this too! I do it mostly so I won’t forget the ending date on the sale tag though.


Be careful in doing this. I have seen some store managers get really mad about taking pictures in the store. A friend of mine was just casually taking a picture of a group of us and got asked to leave the store or at least place his camera in his car because they didn’t allow pictures in their store.


I’ve started doing it too recently! Gotta love technology! Verrrry helpful!


Thats so awesome! I started doing the same thing a while back just because I made a quick run to the store or I just brought my little coupon buddy with me that held the coupons and list for the week to spend so that I could remember something for the next week, especially if it was a good deal like I had a feeling it would be. Good job! 🙂 Us Krazies are so smart. Lol