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Cruise Packages for Two Only $599 at Deal Chicken!

Do you love to shop the latest deals that pop up at Plum District? Maybe you are a tried and true Groupon gal? Well, just like Plum District and Groupon offer limited time deals on clothing, home decor or a local dining experience, Deal Chicken brings you a variety of hot travel deals at heavily discounted prices! By becoming a free member of Deal Chicken, you will be notified of all of the latest hotel and travel deals on the web.

Feel like cruising the high seas? Head over to Deal Chicken where you can snag a four-day Carnival Cruise for two plus a two-night hotel stay for only $599.00! Regular price is $1200.00. You save 50%! This deal includes your choice of itineraries, meals, port and tax fees, and a two night stay at your point of departure hotel. Destinations include Baja Peninsula, Bahamas, and Western Caribbean.

Here is the fine print!

  • Only one offer per household.
  • Not valid on group travel.
  • Deal is for an interior cabin only.
  • Not valid for travel on holiday weekends.
  • Hotel taxes not included.
  • Transportation not included.

If you have been itching to set sail on a Carnival Cruise, take advantage of this deal from Deal Chicken and start packing your bags!

Here is how to get this deal:

  • Visit Deal Chicken.
  • Click on the purple “Buy it Now” button.
  • Enter your checkout and billing information.
  • No coupon code is needed and this discount will be deducted for you.
  • Once purchased, this deal will expire 4/20/2013.

Deal Chicken is only running this deal until 4/20/2012, so head over today and take advantage of this offer!

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5 thoughts on “Cruise Packages for Two Only $599 at Deal Chicken!”

  1. Heather Ford says:

    $599 divided by 2 is $299.50.  Carnival offers 4 day cruises for as low as $179 per person all the time.  I just went to their site and saw at least 20 cruises listed between $179 to $239 for different dates throughout the year.  Sorry guys but this is not a good deal.  I am a frequent cruiser so I’d have to pass on this one. 

    • Gabriele Bladdick says:

      Heather – it was a good deal because the $179 per person is the standard rate. That doesn’t include the $100+ each person has to pay in taxes. Plus, it includes 2 hotel night stays, which saves you at least $150 possibly even $200 right there.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Okay, I couldn’t stand it.  I had to check it out.  Deal Chicken is promoting a product offered by a Florida travel company.  I priced what they are offering just using the regular sale prices you can get at any travel agency.  I could get a cruise for two to any of those destinations for $500 total.  That allows them $100 for the two hotel nights.  And they don’t tell you which hotels they are using.  The comparison to the $1200 is the brochure rate.  I can’t remember ever having a client pay the brochure rate.  And to buy up to a higher category was exactly what you would pay locally.  So rather than commit to having to deal with a company that may be quite far from you, it might be better to just shop around (or have your travel agent shop around) and get the best deal for when you want to go.  I can practically guarantee that if you try and book this deal at high season, it is not going to be available.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Please, please, please be careful with these.  So many of them are such a scam.  The rules and restrictions are so tight that you can barely use them.  And if you do, by the time they add in all the other stuff not included, it is higher than if you bought it from your local travel agent.  I have watched these things out there for almost 3 decades and they are just not what they seem.  I haven’t checked out Deal Chicken so I don’t mean to casting aspersions on what may be a good company.  But the wording is exactly the same as the other proven scams so it makes me really nervous.  Most of them want your credit card before they will try and book anything.  And once they have it, it is a nightmare getting them to stop charging stuff.  My mom got signed up for several “deal sites” just by giving her card number once when she had “won a free cruise”.  She had to pay so much in “taxes and fees” that it was $200 higher than retail on sale. And there are never any refunds.  I’m just saying please check them out before you give them your money.  And if they won’t give you information without payment, run away.

  4. This seems like a great deal.  Anyone ever use these?