Six Flags, the world’s largest amusement park company, operates 14 parks throughout North America. From Texas to Montreal to California, Six Flags parks welcomed more than 23 million guests in 2011. If your family enjoys amusement parks, you know that admission prices can be expensive, especially for a family. However, like most things on KCL, you don’t have to pay full price. Here are a few tips on beating the high price of admission at Six Flags parks this summer: (Please note: ticket prices, discounts, and policies vary somewhat from park to park.)

1. Buy your tickets online. You can save up to $20 per person at most parks if you purchase your tickets online no later than April 29, 2012. Lesser discounts are offered for online purchases after that date.

2. Use your Discover Card. Buy your park tickets online using your Discover Card and save an additional 5 percent off of the already-discounted online ticket price. It’s like stacking coupons at the grocery store.

3. Buy your tickets in advance. Some of the Six Flag parks, including Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in northern California, offer discounts of up to $20 per person if you buy your tickets at least three days in advance. It pays to plan ahead.

4. Visit Coupon Sites. In past seasons, coupons for dollars off Six Flags admission have popped up for a limited time on coupon sites like Although there haven’t been any such offers yet for the 2012 season, it pays to keep an eye on these sites. When they appear, these coupons generally aren’t available for long.

5. Take a group. Six Flags offers discounts of up to 50 percent off for groups of 15 people or more. Maybe it’s time to invite the neighbors or organize a work or church outing?

6. Get lucky. I know it’s a long shot, but you might just get lucky by entering the Six Flags sweepstakes. Sign up for their newsletter and you’re automatically entered to win two tickets to the Six Flags park of your choice.

7. Be a AAA member. The American Automobile Association (AAA) offers members discounts on Six Flags admission. You purchase and print the tickets at home. Follow this link for more information.

Six Flags parks in the United States include:

  • Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (near San Francisco)
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles
  • Six Flags over Texas (near Dallas)
  • Six Flags San Antonio
  • Six Flags St. Louis
  • Six Flags over Georgia in Atlanta
  • Six Flags Great America (near Chicago)
  • Six Flags America (near Washington D.C.)
  • Six Flags New England (in central Massachusetts)

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9 thoughts on “The Thrill of Saving: Where to Find Discounts to Six Flags Amusement Parks”

  1. Anonymous says:

    My coke rewards has also in the past allowed you to redeem points for an admission coupon.  I have not yet seen it again this season.

  2. I worked at six flags in college so it pains me to even think about paying for tickets to six flags. I could go for free any time i wanted (I forget if it was weekdays only or any time but i usually worked on weekends) plus i got like 4 free tickets per month. one summer I took all my closest friends from college, we parked our 2nd car across the street so we didn’t have to pay and then crammed into my car because I got free parking too. We had a ball.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m almost 100% sure The Great Escape in Lake George New York is part of Six Flags.

    • Tiffany Silveira says:

       Six Flags Great Adventure wasn’t listed either, but it does say “Six Flags Parks include.”

    • Anonymous says:

       I believe that park has been bought by Parc 7.  They also bought SF Elitch Gardens, Arkansas Magic Springs, Concord- California’s Waterworld, the SF park that is located in Federal Way – Washington State, and some others that I cannot remember.

  4. The way this worked for us (and I realize it may not work for everyone) is that we broke down and bought the season passes last year for this year. We got four season pass tickets and Parking included (it’s $20 a pop at our park). We ended up paying $118 for all four passes and parking after their B3G1 Free and Free parking incentive and using our Discover Card to pay for them. We’ve already gone three times this year and it paid for itself in the first visit.

    You also get coupon books for “Bring A Friend Free” days. Included are coupons for discounted admission for a friend.

    If you live close enough to a park and plan to visit more than twice a year – I highly recommend breaking down and getting the passes.

    They now also offer a convenient payment option (see their site for details).

  5. Anonymous says:

    Some coca cola cans have the $20 off

  6. Anonymous says:

    If you have school age children their school may offer the free childs ticket thru a reading incentive program.   My children read 6 extra hrs & they each get a free ticket.  I just have to buy mine and we’re off for a fun day.   Also Jewel/Osco sells the tickets at a discount.  I’m in Illinois not sure if avail everywhere though.  HTH

  7. Anonymous says:

    our local credit union sells tickets to amusement parks for a very discounted rate. they didn’t even require you to be a member. check local ones in your area.