This coupon reads like this: Save $1.25 on Orville Redenbacher Popcorn AND M&M’s.

This coupon applies to both items-
which means you can NOT use another coupon on either the Popcorn or the M&Ms

You scenario would look like this:
(prices are just for example)

Buy 1 Orville Redenbacher Popcorn $1.25
Buy 1 M&M Package $0.50

Use $1.25 on Orville Redenbacher Popcorn AND M&M’s – (
Final Price: $0.50

This second coupon reads: Free Clorox Liquid Bleach WHEN YOU BUY 1 Clorox 2 Product, 45 oz or larger

The coupon is applied to the free item, which means you CAN use a coupon on the other product!

Your scenario would look like this:
(prices are just for example)

Buy 1 Clorox 2 Stain Fighter $5.99
Buy 1 Clorox Liquid Bleach, 60 oz $1.29 (reg $2.29)

Use Free Clorox Liquid Bleach, (Max. Value $2.50), when you buy any Clorox 2 Product or 45 oz or larger – (
And use $2.00/1 – Clorox 2 Liquid Stain Fighter and Color Booster – (
Final Price: $3.99 for both

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26 thoughts on “Understanding Coupon Lingo: “And” vs. “When You Buy””

So maybe this has already been explained but I am not understanding it….There is a sale that reads Buy 2 get one Free and I have a coupon that says $1.00 off any 3. Can I use the coupon?

Would you be able to use a store coupon on a “buy this and” item? There is a $4/1 Advil and Thermacare..RiteAid has a Ad Perks $1/1 for Thermacare..will that work?

As a cashier at a grocery store, I can tell you, I try all coupons I’m given. If the computer accepts it, then terrific. If it doesn’t, then I give it back, usually I can figure out why the computer wouldn’t. If I know the computer should accept it, but doesn’t, then I force it through.

I can also tell you though, cashier’s have lots of “power” in coupons. If I have a horrible customer come through my lane and they hand me the $1.50 catalina coupon for 4 boxes of GM cereal and they only have 2 or 3 boxes, I’ll hand it back to them because they only have 2 or 3. If I have a nice person come through, I know it’ll scan even if you only have one box, I scan it and they get the $1.50.

There are enough people that come through my lane without coupons to make up for the few that I let go that don’t have the exact number the coupon has listed that I know no one is being cheated.

Bottom line, be nice to the cashier, give them all of the possible coupons you have. If they say you don’t have enough quantity or the exact item to match the coupon, apologize, play dumb (many coupons can be confusing when you see all of the possible products on the shelf anyway) and then don’t buy the product. Try to keep in mind though that cashiers get penalized if they have too many voids; it’s better to do multiple transactions.

Bashas Grocery Store in Lake Havasu City, AZ will no longer accept coupons printed from the internet. The cashier told me they have gotten too many fraudulant coupons! Seems they don’t care about losing customers. Thank goodness we have Albertsons and Safeway.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to argue coupons. I’ve had managers and cashiers tell me horror stories about couponers arguing with them. The thing is, that I knew the couponer was right that other stores do accept coupons on both the BOGO items, and it’s no loss to the retailer to do so. However, I know the stores who are easy to work with, and I know the stores and particular managers who aren’t. Arguing makes difficult stores more difficult and less coupon friendly. I have seen that firsthand.

I disagree. When the store is not accepting coupons per their policy, they NEED to be corrected. I have argued correct coupon redemption at Kroger, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and CVS in my little town, and I have not had problems since. When they refuse to honor my correct coupon usage, I refuse to shop their store. Walgreens and Kroger are my favorites to shop at now, because they know I’m on the up-and-up, and that any of my “minions” (LOL) are as well. :)

Thanks for clarifying this! I was questioning this all this morning when I found a bunch of “Save $1.00 when you buy this and that” coupons. I was pretty sure I couldn’t use another coupon on either one, but I’m glad I know for sure now.

I have used a BOGO & another coupon and never had any problems (think it was at Target but it could have been Walgreens). Brandi, I think I’ll use your explanation should I ever run into trouble!

I almost stopped couponing over this! Ok, not really . . . but the thought did cross my mind after spending 20 minutes at Target’s customer service desk trying to get the rep to agree with me and when she wouldn’t and I wanted the items returned and that had problems . . . oh boy . . . I haven’t tried doing this scenario since because I wasn’t sure if I was correct in my thinking! Thank you for validating my coupon understanding. I *might* try this again sometime!

When you call Target customer service they are super helpful at clarifying these policies for Target. I had a store manager tell me the could not adjust a coupon because my coupon was more than the item. Then he decided he could, but he could adjust it so I got the item free, he could adjust it to maybe $.50…. What? So I had called the customer service the next day and the told me yes, the coupon can be adjusted and I would have got the item free. They were going to call the store manager and inform him of the correct policy. And the gave me an incident number and told me if I ever had any problems using my coupons to have the cashier or manager call them and reference that number. I was very pleased!

I am very very new to coupon shopping so… I actually did my first coupon shopping this last weekend(saved 39.00). I was very excited when I was able to use both of these coupons. I had them ready so I could ask the cashier about them. He said “all you can do is use them and see if they work”. So I did! Thank you all for always posting your feedback and so that us newbies can learn!

kmart wouldnt let me use a bogo and a $1 off today…

The Farm Fresh I go to will not allow me to do this. Neither will the Harris Teeter.

in regards to the coupon with the popcorn when the coupon is printed it tells you exact size of the m&m’s and it only applies towards the bigger bag of m&m’s so to me the coupon is not worth it unless you have a bogo of both then you see the savings.

I have never had any luck using two coupons with a BOGO free anything … Most cashiers say the the BOGO is your coupon and you can’t use another coupon on something you’re already getting for free … I’ve never been successful with this so I’ve given up even trying.

I haven’t ever had a problem with using 2 coupons for b1g1 free because you are buying 1 item and you are using the other coupon for the item you are buying and then the free is by itself. when target had sale on the olay total effects body wash I used 4.00 off coupon for the 1 i was buying and then used the b1g1 free coupon also never said anything to me.

I have ran into this issue and I explain it to them like this:

I have 2 items, with 2 coupons. The one coupon states if I buy 1, the coupon will cover the amount of the 2nd item. So I’m buying one, I’m just using a coupon to discount that one. The coupon doesn’t state I have to buy one at full retail value to get one for free. I always asked for a manager in this case and never leave it up to a cashier who hasn’t been properly trained to accept coupons correctly.

In my experience, I’ve found that if you make sure to hand the cashier the BOGO coupon first, then scan the other coupon, the register accepts both coupons. If I do it the other way around, it doesn’t always work…

Funny. I do the exact opposite! I hand the cashier my stack of coupons with the $ off the “if you buy” product coupon somewhere in the middle and then the bogo/$ off “then get” coupon last. In my experience, the cashiers don’t question bogo at the end as much as they notice the $ off the “if you buy” product after the bogo. So in this example, I would give the clorox2 coupon first, a few others, then save the clorox free coupon for the end.

I would def recommend separating them with a few other coupons if possible to cut down the chance of the cashier connecting and confusing the coupons!

Also in my experience, most bogo coupons beep or stop the transaction in some other way for the cashier to enter the price, so don’t let a beep stop you from trying to use 2 in one transaction.

That’s funny….I do the exact same thing Jen does and never have any problems…so far…

Just an FYI…the M&M’s has 9.9 to 42 oz limitation on it, so you can’t use the coupon on a candy bar size package.

Then why does the second coupon usually beep when you are using a BOGO coupon? The cashier will usually tell me that the BOGO coupon applies to both items, and it’s hard to argue when the coupon won’t even scan properly.

Ok so the 2 coupons you have listed for the cloroz stainfighter and bleach, well I printed those used em at target and for whatever reason I got the clorox stainfighter for FREE, it rang up at 9.49 and the bleach rang up at 1.66 well the 9.49 was discounted. I didn’t say a word so maybe try it at target. it was listed at 6.99 on sale so I don’t know why it did that

so you get both for 1.66

I had the same experience at Walmart. they would only let me use one – not both. They said that the clorox 2 coupons were for the same item. Very fustrating!! If they would only read the coupon.

I understand this concept–however, how do you convince a cashier of this wording?? My Safeway checkers completely disagree with this no matter how hard I try!