A Krazy Coupon Lady executes her deals with precision each week.  Having a solid organizational strategy is a vital part of what we do!  Here’s how to build a coupon binder like the one I showed to Kathie Lee & Hoda on The Today Show.

Staying organized doesn’t have to take a lot of time. When it comes to coupons, there are a few organization methods to choose from. Organizing clipped coupons by category is a great way to become a mean, lean, coupon-slinging machine. When I walk into the grocery store lugging my giant coupon binder on one hip and my toddler on the other, shoppers and cashiers know I mean business! Copy this binder organization method with this FREE Download of The Krazy Coupon Lady’s 36 Categories!

If the thought of maintaining a binder makes your palms a little sweaty, don’t worry. Go for a more streamlined organization method. Consider organizing whole coupon inserts by date in a simple file box. Each time we post a coupon deal on TheKrazyCouponLady, we’ll tell you the date when the coupon was released. If your coupons are filed by week, they’ll be easy to find and clip when you need them. Total organization time is literally about a couple minutes per week with this method! Watch this video to learn more:

If the coupon binder sounds like your cup of tea, here’s a video for you! There is more than one way to start a binder! In addition to organizing clipped coupons by category, you can organize the pages of each coupon insert in 8 1/2 x 11 sheet protectors. We recommend organizing with the newest coupons in front and oldest in back, so you can keep track of which coupons are expiring sooner than others.Watch to learn more.

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149 thoughts on “How to start your coupon binder (this one’s for you, Kathie Lee)”

  1. Rosella Castle says:

    I am not able to download the binder pages either. Anyone have it and be willing to share?

  2. Elliott says:

    I am still not able to download the binder pages. If somebody has the pdf, could you email it to me. Thanks

  3. Susan says:

    Can someone that got it to work send me the link. I can not get it to work.

  4. jeniffer says:

    those of that can not print email me and i can email them back to u

  5. Taraclip says:

    Link worked for me.

  6. Anonymous says:

    http://krazycouponla­dy.net/CouponBinderF­ixed.pdf when mine popped up it had fi-xed so I had to remove the – and hit enter again

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am still not able to download the binder pages.  Any clues…what is the link again.  The one below does not work.

  8. Adrienne Roberts says:

    Anyone get the link to work yet?

  9. Adrienne Roberts says:

    Anyone get the link to work yet?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Anyone get the link to work yet?

  11. Anonymous says:

    The link doesnt work for me.

  12. Anonymous says:

    link does not work

  13. Anonymous says:

    http://0.thekrazycouponlady.com/wp-content/uploads/kclcouponbinder.pdf?d52b90    This link worked for me and I was able to print the category pages.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I had the same problem. Go to the home page and click on the beginner section. Find the 10 days to couponing section. There on day 3 you can click on the table of contents and print it out. Worked for me!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    I am trying to download it too and it said not found. Any other way to download?

  16. Diana Vera says:

    Thank you sooooooo much for sharing this… It worked for me

  17. shopaholic 86 says:

    It says not found…

  18. Anonymous says:

    http://thekrazycouponlady.com/2009/03/13/printable-coupon-binder-organizer/ Try this link, that’s how I got mine, the other link isn’t working for me either! :) Hope this helps!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    http://thekrazycouponlady.com/2009/03/13/printable-coupon-binder-organizer/ Try this link, that’s how I got mine, the other link isn’t working for me either! :) Hope this helps!!

  20. Crinntownsend says:

    I can not download the binder pages :(

  21. tmprecious says:

    I can’t download the binder pages either :(

  22. Anonymous says:

    I am trying to download the contents sheet for my binder. It seems to be an invalid link both on the Tips page for Beginners, as well as the post for Kathie Lee. Suggestions??? Thanks for LadyLoveG74 in KY!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Your link to the download for the binder pages is not working. :(

  24. SunnyinNY says:

    This is the best site ever. Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us. I love doing this and am walking, eating, dreaming about this. If anyone finds another great scource, please let me know.

    Also, When I print more than one of the same coupon is that ok, the Hannaford people accused me of copying the coupon. not nice or happy to give me discount, (sent email requesting coupon policy as directed.)

    Also, @ Price Shopper did not let me combine BOGO with single coupons on cereal, am I doing it wrong?

    Thanks everyone.

  25. Couponmom0701 says:

    For some reason the printable items will not open. I can’t get either link to work. I really want to print this so if someone can help or try to fix the link that would be great. THANKS!!

  26. Couponmom0701 says:

    For some reason the printable items will not open. I can’t get either link to work. I really want to print this so if someone can help or try to fix the link that would be great. THANKS!!

  27. I’m just starting and i’m soo excited …..;-)

  28. I’m just starting and i’m soo excited …..;-)

  29. Linda92501223 says:

    im haveing trouble with your link the printout of content page can you help me please

  30. Linda92501223 says:

    im haveing trouble with your link the printout of content page can you help me please

  31. Mikecoupon says:

    My wife and I are having a blast couponing. Its really fun and probably the most quality time we have spent just her and I in a while. Plus we are saving money!!!

    Thanks for all you do.

    Mike Koval

  32. Ruthscherger says:

    Thanks so much; this is awesome. Appreciate everyone’s input; great idea to go to Michaels for supplies since they often have coupons in the paper!

  33. rainey says:

    trying to print the contents and categories with much difficulty! will only print the header of ea. page and nothing else……what am i doing wrong???? HELP!

  34. Anonymous says:

    I’m a new be and this was very helpful!! Thanks.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I’m a new be and this was very helpful!! Thanks.

  36. Imamimix2 says:

    thanks so much for the download, it has made my couponing life so much easier…..i did of course make a few tweeks, one by adding a section that i am able to stack Target coupons with manufactureres coupons so i dont miss out on a great deal, I bought some currency protectors, that i am able to put large coupons in so that i dont have to fold them and reserve the baseball card size for those size coupons, it love that, and I build a coupon clip and organizer out of an old cd storage crate, it is numbered just like my binder, I cut, and place the coupons in the that , and then i simply flip in order and put my coupons away. It saves me tons of time of flipping back and forth. thanks again for the Download!!!!!! the couponing MIMI!

  37. Imaimix2 says:

    thanks so much for the download, i love the system, it made my couoning life so much easier…I of course tweeked a few things, like i have a section in my binder that stackes coupons from target with maufacturer coupons so i dont miss out on that deal….and i ordered currency protectors so that i dont have to fold large coupons to fit into the the other pages in my binder for baseball card size coupons!!!! I love them. I also built a coupon cut and organizer made from an old cd storage crate, it is numbered exactly like my binder so i cut and put them in the correct area and then i just have to flip through my binder and put them them away in order….it seems to cut way down on time for me….thanks again…..the couponing mimi!

  38. Johnson_debra67 says:

    I just need help

  39. Hugahugahes2000 says:

    I had trouble I kept getting error messages even clicking under the picture until I downloaded the latest adobe reader . Hope this helps

  40. Hugahugahes2000 says:

    I had trouble I kept getting error messages even clicking under the picture until I downloaded the latest adobe reader . Hope this helps

  41. Raynola47 says:

    I really want the table of contents but can’t pull it up. HELP

  42. LexiG11 says:

    Just a tip if anyone has a Michaels in your area you can use the 40% off coupons to get your page protectors and baseball card holders.

  43. Heidi says:

    I’m starting today…I sure hope this works…I always seem to get coupons for things I don’t us, but here goes!

    • It works but the thing is not to be brand loyal I was the generic girl for everything and I immediately learned that buy buying brand and using coupons it was actually cheaper that what I was paying I would shop at the dollar tree and bought white rain body wash until yesterday i went to walgreens and paid 1.72 for 6 bottles if I would have gone to the dollar tree the cheapest would have been 6.00 I love couponing and now I can buy the good stuff and pay even less lol..

  44. Mindy says:

    you Diva’s are the best you soo made my night! I just happened upon your site. I am so happy to find all this info and help. Thank you all so much!

  45. luven637 says:

    baseball card holders at dollar tree for $1 for a 10 pack

  46. Christina S. says:

    I just wanted to comment, my mom was watching TV the other night and saw the ‘Extreme Couponing’ show and knew how much I liked using coupons so I’m seriously gonna try this out, I’m under disability and don’t get much other than that so I want to save as much as I can. Anyway, the coupon organizer, I couldn’t seem to find a good…umm…alternative so I created my own, not knowing about this. I went out and bought a 1″ binder by Avery at the local Staples and used 4″x 6″ photo pages for my coupons and it works very well. I considered the baseball card pages but some coupons were either too wide or too big and had to be folded to put in the slots.

  47. carol quinones says:

    i downloaded the coupon binder but not the calander because it is for 2010 :(

  48. Dawn says:

    To print so that text appears on the pdf pages, you have to save the document the print from Adobe and make sure the box that says print mark ups is checked.

    My husband had to help me figure that one out! Good luck everyone!

  49. Dana P says:

    I am so exited about the TOC. I am printing it as we speak. I just set up my binder today and I am going to redo it as soon as I can. I am also going to get the separators with tabs for easy use. Yesterday was my first shopping trip using coupons and I went to three stores and saved a total of 40%. How awesome is that!

  50. Kortney says:

    What size binder do you use?

  51. JODE says:

    just printed it and its going to work so much better than the change purse i was using lol although i have only been doin this for about a week i am so excited and started saving TODAY I HAD A GOOD BRAG. THANK YOU SO MUCH KRAZY COUPON LADY THIS SIGHT IS GREAT AND VERY HELPFUL FOR A FAMILY WHO IS STARTING THE NEW YEAR SAVING

  52. beth says:

    have tried several times on 3 different computers to try to print this and it says the same thing everytime error 404 or closes my computer down ahelp please!!!

    • Cabry says:

      I know fo me I went to my local library and I was able to access it from there or if you have a Workforce Solutions in your area, then it will be FREE to print…Hope this helps!! :)

  53. Kevin B says:

    Love the idea, but have one minor mod that works a bit better for me.

    I’ve been a sportscard collector for years, and have tons of those plastic pages around, so they were naturally the first thing I thought of when I started couponing and needed to organize. I soon realized that the standard 2.5×3.5″ compartment was a little small. I had to fold the coupons to get them to fit, or risk having them hanging out of the compartment and falling out when the binder tipped. In particularly popular categories, I quickly accumulated enough coupons that the plastic stretched and…well, it was like playing “52 pick-up” in the middle of the laundry aisle.

    As at least one other poster has already mentioned, they do make these binder pages in different styles. The one I finally settled on was designed for the paper currency. You get three compartments per page (instead of nine for the baseball card version), and the coupons don’t have to be folded to fit. Just works better for me, although of course YMMV.

  54. Speedyfg says:

    Is there a way to edit the Table of Contents page as well as some of the tabs? I would like to change out some of the tabs and then retype the corrections on the table of contents, but it won’t let me do that, and I would like to keep everything looking as cool as it does now :) LOL.

  55. Jennifer Chaisson says:

    Quick Question: I have the 36 page separator for my binder, but how does everyone keep up with store specific coupons, like walgreens register rewards, or CVS extracare bucks?

    • Erin says:

      I have a plastic divider with a pocket which I use for store specific coupons. I have one for each of the places I go: Albertsons, Walgreens, Target, CVS and Other. When I get store coupons or booklets, I just slide them into the pocket. Also, when I put together my shopping list for that specific store, I put all the coupons I’m using into the pocket with a list of what I need. It works very well and keeps things separated.

    • I use sheet protectors and each sheet I have labeled, Bravo, CVS, Family Dollar, K-Mart, Publix, Target, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Winn-Dixie, and of course you adjust this to the stores in your area.. and I leave these in the back of my binder in abc order so if I need them they are easier to find..

    • I use sheet protectors and each sheet I have labeled, Bravo, CVS, Family Dollar, K-Mart, Publix, Target, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Winn-Dixie, and of course you adjust this to the stores in your area.. and I leave these in the back of my binder in abc order so if I need them they are easier to find..

  56. Grace says:

    I cant get the link to work. Can someone email it to me pretty please. Thank you.

  57. Debi says:

    Do you have a customizable file? There are several categories I won’t ever use.

    • Joanie says:

      gah! I don’t have one, but it’s on my to-do list! I’ll try to work on it tonight! Thank you!

      • Jared says:

        You can customize the contents by using a free service that changes PDFs into a MS Word document. If you Google PDF To Word you should find it.

  58. James in Geneva Ohio says:

    Thanks KCL! This was the finishing touch I needed for my coupon binder! I hope you don’t mind if I use your format/categories to make a slightly more manlier version lol… I know I’m a rare breed.

    For those that have graduated from a novice binder to more intermediate/advanced binder I personally recommend a Case-It zipper binder like the one I have : http://www.amazon.com/Case-D-145-Capacity-Zipper-Binder/dp/B000SDWAPM. It has a zipper on it so no coupons fall out, lots of space, along with extra organizer space for scissors and calculator and cubbys to slip things in on the fly AND a shoulder strap.

  59. Shirley says:

    I am a coupon virgin who just put her binder together and on my first trip to the store I was a little embarrassed to carry my binder with me. But I felt awesome saving tons of money and I found a coupon friend who had a binder with her.

  60. Amy says:

    I’m having trouble printing the TOC and categories too..can someone email it to me?

  61. Amanda says:

    I am not able to print the coupon catagories either, can I get them emailed to me please?

  62. Gayle says:

    I am not able to go the the coupon catagories page either. I was wondering if someone could email it me as well! Thank you!

  63. Rebecca says:

    Hey I am not able to view the table of contents to print. Can someone please email to me too! Thanks in advance.

  64. Mary says:

    It is not allowing me to print up the TOC either. I’ve tried at two seperate computers (thinking it may be an issue with my laptop). Can someone be kind enough to email it to me please?

  65. Suri says:

    I can’t pull up the TOC either:( Can someone please e-mail it to me?
    Thank you!

  66. Channing says:

    it will not let me see the table of content???? help

    can you email it to me???

  67. Channing says:

    it will not let me see the table of content???? help

  68. Skeeter Guptill says:

    Thank you for all the work you have put into helping others learn how to save money.

  69. Angela says:

    I tried to download the Table of Contents as well and it would not come up. Is there anyway you could email it to me? Thank you.

  70. HANSON FAN says:

    everytime I go to download the table of contents PDF. file it saves in my temporary internet file but then it opens adobe photo shop so I can’t even see it. is their another way to view the information then in a pdf file?

  71. Serena says:

    Last week I was able to view the Table of Contents but this week every time I pull it up my internet stops working and closes down. Is anyone else having the same issue?

  72. Tara says:

    Newbie here!!! On Coupons.com, there is a link to “Savings Card”?? What is this and how do I get one???

  73. Jennifer says:

    I’m unable to access the list of categories OR the table of contents… the PDF shows up with 37 blank pages. Anyone else having this problem?

    • Heather says:

      It’s a big file- so if you have a slower internet connection, sometimes it won’t pull up. I would just try refreshing a few times. Good luck!!

  74. My coupons are organized alphabetically by brand name, rather than by categories. This makes it much easier for me to find coupons. I don’t get too picky about the alphabetizing, or I’d be rearranging constantly. But I have all the A’s together, the B’s together, etc. My restaurant and retail coupons are in the back.

  75. Kayla says:

    Love the catagories but i needed to alphabetize them! So mcuh eaiser to remember the order in which they are in without looking at the table of contents every time you put coupons in or out!!

  76. Amber says:

    I organize my coupons using page protectors from the dollar store, $1 for 15 and those 5 subject index dividers .96 from Walmart or .25 during back to school time.

    I have them divided by insert type and then I put a sticker with the date written in pencil in the upper right hand corner. This is easier for me since the sites always reference the insert and date. I have a ceramic blade cutter in my binder so I just take out the insert and cut as needed.

    I then move all expired coupons to another protector to mail to military overseas.

    • Loves2save says:

      So are all overseas military able to use all expired coupons? I would love to send mine off to them. Please explain more about this. I’d love to share that information with many others as well but need to know details.

    • Hello Amber I still new with couponing. I have a lot of expired coupons and would love to send them oversea. If you would be so kind and send the information so I can forward my expired coupons. I would greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance

  77. Jessie says:

    I don’t have it all set up yet, but instead of a binder, I bought a photo album that will hold all my coupons. Seemed like the size of the pockets will work better with the size of some coupons.

  78. wanda says:

    im a first timer and the table of contents page says not found.
    whats up.

  79. Cindy Baker says:

    The table of contents page cannot be viewed to print!

  80. missie says:

    Hi, just an FYI The link for the table of contents page is broken.

  81. Tami says:

    I don’t use baseball card pages because I was using what I have around the house to keep start up cheap. I do have LOTS of 3 hole paper. I put the paper in the binder, sorted by category and tape the coupons to the pages. I go through more tape that way, but it comes off the pages easily and I can tape my coupons to my shopping list and then tape them onto each product as I purchase it. (The same piece of tape works at least 3 times if you’re careful.)

    By doing it this way, I have a list that’s easily organized and when I get to the check out, I don’t have to rummage through coupons matching them up, it’s already done and I can spend my time watching the screen to be sure they’re all credited accurately.

  82. Diane says:

    the link for the printable table of contents/categories is broken or something.

  83. Melissa says:

    I am just starting my binder and am organizing by categories that I printed off from you. My question is do I need to have the date and what insert the coupon came from to make it easier to keep track of in the long run?

    • Tonya says:

      You should be able to download the Table of Contents if you click under the Today Show caption at the top where it says FREE Download of “The Krazy Coupon Lady’s 36 Categories!” in pdf form.

    • Debi says:

      The only time you need to keep the insert name and date is if you are going to either leave some uncut or order more (and that’s only from certain websites). For general use and to put them in the notebook, no.

  84. sarah says:

    i’m not an amazing coupon user, but i sort mine according to the store i’ll probably use them in. like someone else who posted, i put them in order of how i shop in the store.

    • Sheila says:

      That’s what finally worked for me. Especially since I only really shop at Safeway and Rite Aid for the most part. CVS and Target are just occasional luxuries. :-) I also am not an amazing coupon user. I mostly rely on IPs and the coupons that come in the mail because I don’t always get a chance to grab the paper. However, for my family, it is enough. I am able to coupon for diapers and cleaning supplies and “fun” foods. My fruits and vegetables are bought at the international market and my milk is from Costco (we go through enough milk that the savings on just alone is enough to cover my membership fee). I think sorting by the store you’ll most likely use it in is the easiest way to use coupons for me.

      • Elaine says:

        I’m like you as far as milk goes! We go through anywhere from 6-8 gallons a WEEK! And that’s just for 4 of us…who knows how many once the baby reaches 1! LOL. I still love Costco for the many many other things they have. And for some reason I really like to get their hotdog/soda meal LOL

        • Always up late says:

          We use a lot of milk too so I started buying from the Amish near buy at $2.00/gallon “for my pets”. You can also look for a milk co-op near you. FYI

    • Debi says:

      I go into so many different stores that I can’t do that. What I do is put my coupons into food and non-food (different binders), and then put them in alphabetically. I tried putting them in categories but trying to keep organized was a pain especially if no one else will help – even to cutting out coupons. My hubby will even go out of his way to FIND something that I DON’T have a coupon for so he can “make” me buy without a coupon. It’s really childish. Until I ran into a snag of not having time to clip and file a couple weeks, I was going strong. Now, I’m back in the box until I can get re-organized. My mother is the same way as my hubby – she tells me just to give it up – however she has never turned down anything I get for free or close to free.

    • This is good unless they do a store reset and now you have to reorganize your binder again lol but I love the idea i just use different stores so this doesnt work for me..

  85. Lisa B. says:

    I use 4 x6 photo page refills. They have bigger slots for printable coupons and I can often fit more than one of the smaller insert coupons in one slot without getting them mixed up. I think they were about $2 for a 10 page pack at Walmart.

  86. Kimberly Little says:

    The link in the paragraph is http://thekrazycouponlady.com/2010/09/24/kclcouponbinder.pdf and isn’t working for me either. But the link on the right hand side under the Free Downloads is http://thekrazycouponlady.com/kclcouponbinder.pdf and it works just fine. :)

  87. Annie says:

    OK – here’s my question how do you fit your internet printed coupons in the baseball holder? I’m on the expandable folder route (I do like that my non food items are in one and my food itmes are in another cuz then when they expire I just put them in the front and I’m all ready to send them off :) )

    • Sdavis says:

      I fold them in a kind of accordian style with two creases. The expiration faces the back and I try to make sure I can see the picture and the amount off through the front. I tried letting them stick out, but I didn’t care for that.

      At first, it felt strange trying to fold them like that. But now, I can do it without really thinking about it. HTH!

  88. Tami says:

    I finally started assembling the binders today. Picked up binders at goodwill for 25 cents each and grabbed baseball card holders at Walmart. I, too, am utilizing tabs for ease. It’s a little daunting attempting to backlog 8 weeks of coupons into the binder—but thinking once it’s done just on a weekly basis—or daily from the printer–things will be more smooth. I know it’s worth it—Last Saturday alone I came home with $73 worth of goods for $0! That’s it—NOTHING! Thank you for your help.

  89. Kristina says:

    I have been using a cute pink and white coupon binder w/ baseball card holders for a little over a year and I LOVE it. I am going to print your table of contents and categories and see if that makes a difference in my organization. Excellent and Thank You!

  90. Charmaine says:

    I started my binder two weeks ago and I tried finding baseball card and business card holders but I found them too expensive and distracting being able to see through the plastic. I went to Michaels and got a really pretty photo album that has fabric pages with plastic inserts. It works well for most of my coupons especially the catalinas. I can even add more pages if needed though I doubt I will make it to 400 coupons. you never know. Thanks Krazy Coupon Ladies you changed my world. I love walking through stores with my binder. Fellow couponers treat me with high regard and non-couponers…. well they are just plain jealous.

  91. Sara says:

    My 99 cents store sells the baseball card pages 20 for .99!!

  92. Joanie says:

    The links are all working, but some computers don’t like pdfs. If refreshing the page won’t work, you can email us at inquiries@thekrazycouponlady.com, with the subject line COUPON BINDER and we’ll email you the pdf document. If you subscribe to email you can just reply to that, again with the subject COUPON BINDER.

  93. DJ says:

    I’m fairly new to couponing, about a month in and aleady saving about 60% off my normal grocery spending using only printable coupons and only shopping at Publix.
    I like the binder idea but how to you keep track of expring coupons so you don’t miss using a good one even if the item doesn’t come up on sale during the time you have it? Do you go through them all once a week? I have been keeping them by date but that forces me to search through them for items which isn’t fun either.
    I am doing the coupon gathering and store ad match ups but my husband does all the shopping (he is also our cook/kitchen person). He would never go into a binder so I make him a list with the items/coupons listed in order of how he will find them in the store. So perhaps the binder isn’t needed?
    I’m sure with time I will figure it out but I’m open to suggestions.

    • Kimberly says:

      I tried several methods for storing coupons, and here’s what I have finally decided works best for me. I type all of my coupons into an Excel spreadsheet. This only takes me about 30-40 minutes to enter everything each week. I just put the coupons into my binder in the same order they appear in the newspaper insert, so that saves a ton of time by not having to reorganize everything into categories. I usually sort the spreadsheet alphabetically by manufacturer (Yoplait, Old El Paso, General Mills, etc.) and print it out so I can look up anything I need in the store. The expiration date is one of the items I keep track of in my spreadsheet, too, so I can sort it by that column to see what’s expiring soon and use it or clear it out of my binder after it does expire.

      • Charlene says:

        I do my binder similar to Kimberly. I have a spread sheet that keeps track of when they expire and takes me a minute to pull them out if there still there. I can also see what will be expiring in the next few weeks to keep an eye out for sales. I was finding that there were some good coupons that weren’t listed on the preview pages for the inserts. Glad to see that there are other people like me out there. :)

    • Sharee Walz says:

      When I put my new coupons into the binder each week, I check their expiration date and clump them with the other ones expiring the same month- so all my Sept q’s are at the front now(within each category), Oct right behind it, etc… Maybe that will help as it only takes a few min…

  94. Nicole Penney says:

    Thank you. I with they would have given you more time on the Today show. My mother in law was all excited like I was to see you on t.v. Thanks for the list. Hopefully I can have a good looking binder like yours soon!!! I will take pictures too!

  95. Kari says:

    I use your method! I love it, but, WHERE do you put your “canned” items or “Mexican” like refried beans, rosarita, etc…

  96. April says:

    I recently started my coupon binder, I went to Target to find the clear holders and they were so expensive, so I did some searching and found a store that sells coins and other collectables and they had a huge variety of clear binder organizer pages for only 10 cents per page, since they were a mom and pop store I was able to negotiate 5 cents per page because I was buying a large quantity.

  97. Traci Paoli says:

    HI! I am actually having the same issue of the table of contents not downloading. Thanks!

  98. Stephanie says:

    I downloaded your table of contents earlier on this week and I’m glad I did. :) The way I was “organizing” before wasn’t too organized. I opted for tabs on the category sheets to help for easy access!

  99. sheila says:

    I tried downloading the table of contents page but it is given me an error msg

    • Patricia says:

      If you use the link up underneath the picture, that one works. I couldn’t get the other one to work either.

  100. Rene Lybbert says:

    I tried to download this and it said File not found! :(

  101. Jill Levenhagen says:

    Do you have another way to share our photos of our binders because I don’t really want all my Facebook friends to see my coupon binder. My coupon “Krazy” is reserved only for the friends who care.

    • Candi says:

      Maybe this is too much trouble if you have lots of friends, but when you put something on FB, there is a way to hide it from people you don’t want seeing it. See the little lock by the share button? Click on that and then customize and you can block certain people from seeing things. :-) Like I said, if you have lots of friends you don’t want seeing it, it may be too time consuming to be worth it.

  102. Nikki says:

    I’m getting a 404 not found on the link to the printable table of contents and categories. :(

  103. amy says:

    hmm… I’m having trouble with your printable table of contents and categories link.