$0.50/1 – Ground Beef purchase, any – (soupedupsuppers.com)

  • Click “Free Code Play” at bottom of page.
  • Enter your code and email address as directed.
  • In the “Grocer name” box, type in one letter of the alphabet. Begin typing your store name (example: Safeway), if your store isn’t available keep trying other stores in your area.  Coupon will print “valid only at Safeway”, etc.
  • Click “Check Your Code” (you either win a cart full of groceries or a $0.50 coupon).
  • Fill in your info and print the coupon.

Thanks CouponKatarina!

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24 thoughts on “$0.50 off Ground Beef Printable Coupon!”

it didn’t give me the option to print any coupon :(

Has anyone used these at supertarget yet? Does the coupon scan?

They will only let you play once per day.

Can we use as many coupons as it lets us print? Because it’s letting me print unlimited! Does anyone know if they really works?

I printed it also but Safeway wouldn’t accept it. It doesn’t look like a legitimate coupon and because it wouldn’t scan they wouldn’t take it! :(

My state is WA but it does not show up on state list, so it put in WV when I put W so I went with that, but it doesn’t match my address so who knows what they do with the address? Anyway it let me print the 50 cent coupon and I did it 3 times, but each coupon has the same bar code number on it and also the Free Play code is the same number no matter how many times I choose it. This seems sketchy to me. The coupon looks odd also.

I can’t find the “free code play” button. I looked at the very bottom of the page…is it there anymore??

I couldn’t find the link either, until I looked really really close in small print at the very bottom of the page next to the other links: PRIVATE POLICY, CONTACT US, RECIPES, etc. The link is just above the All Rights Reserved Logo. Hope this helps. If it doesn’t, the code: 524837 worked for me.

This let me print as many times as I wanted…..YEAH!!!

I’ve read reports that these aren’t scanning, so YMMV when using this coupon.

btw, this coupon is printing 3+ times!! I just printed it 3 times, the coupon expires in December, so this is a great one to have multiple copies of!

I’m not finding the Free Code Play link at the bottom of the page.

Carrie – scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. There is a tiny link that says “Free Code Play”. Click on that and you’ll get a pop up box with a code.

Woohoo! Target. Nevermind–ONE store in my state is participating. :)

How do you know which Target stores are participating? Target was the only store I could find in my state on the list, too.

There is a link at the very bottom of the page that says “fee code play.” Click that and it will give you a code to enter.

Where do you get the codes from???

Click on “free code play” at the bottom and you won’t need a code to play.

Otherwise, get codes from ground beef packages.

Not one single store in my state is on that list.

Worked great in Georgia

I just did this and was able to do it for a Save-a-Lot store in my state(Georgia). Thanks for the info!!!

Boo! Not available in WA. Thanks though.

i’m in WA and i just printed it for Safeway and it worked just fine!

Really? I picked Safeway too, but choosing WA for my address was not an option for me. :(

I did this earlier, but I wasn’t able to choose my state (Wyoming), so I chose Wisconsin instead and was able to print the coupon.