$1.00/1 – Cuties Clementines, 5 lb – (cutiescitrus.com)
$0.55/1 – Cuties Clementines – (cutiescitrus.com)

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9 thoughts on “Save $1.00 on Cuties Clementines!”

  1. Anya says:

    Its not always like that.. but we have had that price for about a week now.

  2. Anya says:

    Believe it or not 3lb bags have been priced at just a $1 at our local Walmart neighborhoood market. We love clementines.

  3. doltran says:

    If anyone wants to take down notes on when to expect coupons in the newspaper, from their website:

    Cuties coupons are available through a couple of vehicles: newspaper free standing inserts (FSI’s) on the first Sunday of December and February and the second Sunday of March. You also can get coupons by registering on the Cuties website: cutiescitrus.com.

  4. april r. says:

    3.97 at Raleys/Nob Hill
    4.97 at Safeway

  5. Samie says:

    I signed up. I hope to get a coupon some time down the road. That is a great coupon!

  6. Jill says:

    It states that even after I sign in, that I will no receive a coupon or special offer at this time, but I will receive future offers… hum…. Maybe I will get em after all, maybe I won’t…

  7. Kate says:

    I don’t see the coupon. I filled information and only takes me to home page.

    • Amy says:

      It says when you fill out the info down at the bottom that you will not receive a coupon now but will be on their list for future coupons.