Don’t forget about this great deal on lightbulbs at Target!  This is regular price, so print your coupons and use them before they expire at the end of the month.

GE Reveal 4-pack lightbulbs $2.54
Use $1.50/1 – GE Reveal light bulb package – (
or $1.00/1 – GE Energy Smart, Reveal, Reveal CFL, CFL or LED Light Bulbs, Target Coupon – (
And use $1.00/1 GE Reveal, Energy Smart CFL or LED or GE Halogen Product from SS 1/9
Final Price: as low as $0.04 each!

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63 thoughts on “GE Lightbulbs, 4 pack only $0.04 at Target!”

The Target coupon says it expires 1/29/11….does this mean it can be used THROUGH the 29th? Or on this day it no longer scans? Just curious-will go try to use it tomorrow if it’s still good.

My Target had them for $2 a pack. I had the MFG Q (-$2) and the Target Q (-$1.50). I got 2 boxes and when I used my Q’s I got them for $.68 including tax.

I love coupons!

My Target (Puget Sound Area of WA) had unadvertised sales on regular GE REVEAL for $2 a box. I scored a Money Maker on a double pack of 3 way bulbs and a pack of 4 regular bulbs 100 watt bulbs by stacking 2 coupons each. I made $1! I had quite a few other items so the overage wasn’t noted or adjusted. Yay for me.

i went to target today.( knoxville,tn supertarget)
they have this lightbulb on sale for $2. i had only the target coupons, so i paid .50. i am still happy.
They also have the LONG LIFE bulbs for $4 on sale. they r not in the target ad either.

That’s the same deal they had at my Target…expect they sneakily put long life bulbs in front of the regular kind in the spot that said $2. I realized it after I saw an endcap with the $4 bulbs, so I put back the long life and found the regular in the very back of the shelf.

when talking about the SS inserts – for example, you say that there were GE Light Bulb coupons in the 1/9 SS, but i found two of them dated 1/9 and it was not in either. i was wondering if these vary by region??? was wondering if it would be worth it to subscribe to another paper. from what i can tell from coupon purchasing sites and ebay it does look like there are diff covers for the same dates??

I went to my target to get light bulbs for .04 and our light bulbs are $4.00 a box!!! Am i doing something wrong???

when talking about the SS inserts – for example, you say that there were GE Light Bulb coupons in the 1/9 SS, but i found two of them dated 1/9 and it was not in either. i was wondering if these vary by region??? was wondering if it would be worth it to subscribe to another paper from another part of the us.

This is my 1st time printing Target coupons…are you only allowed to print 1 coupon…it is telling me I already printed the coupon. How is everyone being able to print multiples?

Yay for this one! Regular price at our Target is $2.44…so they paid me $0.06 to walk out the store with them! Woot!!!!

My store here in upstate ny, had these for almost $5.00. So this was NOT a bargain for me..:( I ended up purchasing the .89 Target brand ones! Happy for all those that got the bargain!!

I can’t find the Target lightbulb coupons. What zipcode is everyone using? Is Target like Manuf where after a certain # are printed they are gone?

HOw do we use TWO Target coupons at once? I thought it was only ONE target coupon and ONE manufacturer coupon…..I am confused


Does anyone still have this coupon in your hand? I used mine tonight but bought the CFL lights. Two single bulbs and used 2 manufac qs and two target qs. Here’s my question. I thought the coupon said for GE Reveal CFL, Halogen etc. I didn’t think you could use it on regular reveal bulbs. Does it say GE Reveal COMMA CFL or does it says GE Reveal CFL? Do you know what I’m saying? Lol
either way, we only use the CFL and I got two for under $1

Went this afternoon, had a Target Q and a G.E. Q and came out with my light bulbs for FREE! ($2.44 at my store in OR) If I had purchased something else I would have had another .06 off the total. Don’t ya just love it!

Woo hoo…..what a great deal this is!

I went this morning and my store had them for $2.49 and using both coupons I actually made a penny off each box!

I have the 1/09 SS and could not find that insert for the G&E light bulb coupon. I bought six newspapers and none of them have it. I was wondering if there is anyway else to get that coupon.

Amber above me:

I haven’t been able to find it either, and I’ve sifted through 2 people’s stacks of newspapers lol. I’m curious where it is as well. :)

I also was not able to get them for 4 cents, boo.

My store (Eureka Target) had them for $2.69, and I couldn’t find the SS dollar off. I did use the $1.50 off coupon.

I was able to print the above stated $2 off, from frugalcouponliving, but it didn’t include reveal. I was sad.

I’ll keep trying though, thanks krazy coupon ladies!

Here at my target in Los Angeles, I found these light bulbs on clearnace for $1.98. I bought two pkgs of 2 bulbs used 2 manufactures and 2 of the target coupons. -.54 cents overage. Had to get a filler to cover those.54 cents. So be on the look out for those clearance items!!

I went to Target today and they were priced $2.69. Used $1/1 and $1.50/1 Target coupon and paid $.19… Still not too bad I’d say for 4 lightbulbs.

My Target in southeast Michigan doesn’t have light bulbs on sale in their flyer.:(

it’s not advertised in the paper. i think this sale is going for the whole month (pricecut).

can you still stack when on the coupon it says “limit one coupon or offer per transaction”

Why are the coupons mentions (for example> SS 1/9) in my coupon inserts? I have yet to find any of the coupons mentioned in my inserts..Very frustrating

Why can’t I find the SS coupons in my paper inserts?

i think the coupon from the paper is regional I dont have it in my papers looked twice.

Target prices do (unfortunately) vary by regional. Some stores will have clearance prices on items that we will tell you about, but some will not have them for that price. It really just depends!

They have 2 types of the GE Reveal bulbs…one is the regular bulb (which at the Ohio Target is $2.59 a pack) and the long life bulb (which is on special for $4 a pack). Both are 4 bulbs per packs. If you get the regular Reveal bulbs (not the long life) they work out to .19 a pack if you have both coupons to stack.

Went to my Target in North Texas as soon as I saw this posting..unfortunatley they were only on price cut for $4.00..Oh well, at least I have the coupons in case they do lower the price at my Target. Thank you for the post :)

OO! OO! Are they still crediting 5¢ for bringing your own bag?! Free bulbs!

can it be any bag or does it have to be targets bag?

at our target they were priced 2.44 so which made them free! i bought four!! i also picked up on the free batteries!! score!!! my husband is starting to enjoy this krazy coupon lady stuff!! thANKS FOR EVERYTHING THING YOU DO!

My store also had them for $2.44!

Mine had them for $2.44 as well. So I got them freeeeeee! I love this free stuff! I have also gotten hair gel and mousse for $0.09 and the Maalox deal 2 bottles for free! I have gotten 6 free dental floss! I have been couponing for about 2 weeks and am loving this!

My store has the regular (NOT LONG LIFE) for $2.44 as well! I love FREE stuff!! THANKS KCL!

You can only use one manufacturer coupon per item. But at stores like Target, they allow you to “stack” 1 manufacturer coupon + 1 store coupon (in this case, a Target Web Coupon) per item.

How do you get the this coupon? Where do you go for it?

And use $1.00/1 GE Reveal, Energy Smart CFL or LED or GE Halogen Product from SS 1/9

Couldnt find the $1.50 Target Q

I am new to this, so please bear with me. So we can use more than one coupon for an item? …… love this site !!

yes you can use a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon at the same time

What do the little yellow symbols next to the final price mean? I know they have something to do with a stockpile worthy price but I’ve seen different ones. Help? Thanks!

I wonder if this is a regional price? They were on price cut at my store for $4.00 – so $1.50 each after coupons. I looked to see if there was another kind at $2.54 and didn’t see any.

This was unadvertised at my store (MD) – they were on special for $4 – the 40 watt 4-pack were still $4, but the 75 and 100 watts were both $2.54 – UNADVERTISED!!

I bought 2 packs and out regular price is 4.59 never saw them less.

I also did not find a price close to this, so am wondering it must be a regional sale. Also, are the Smart Source brochures the same everywhere? or are they regional also? i’ve searched for certain items that should be there, but never are? thanks! i’m new and learning slowly but surely!!

There is a “long-life” version that retails for $4.60 or so. The packaging is identical to the $2.54 ones except for where it says “long-life” or something similar.

How do I get this coupon? $1.00/1 GE Reveal, Energy Smart CFL or LED or GE Halogen Product from SS 1/9

The SS stands for Smart Source which is an insert that comes in the Sunday paper full of coupons. The 1/9 stands for January 9 which indicates which Sunday paper you’ll find that particular insert. Buy or get the Sunday paper from friends and hold on to the coupon inserts until a sale comes up or you can stack the coupon with a store coupon and score a great deal like these light bulbs.

Can you use the target coupon & the manufacturer coupon at the same time?

yes, it’s called stacking coupons

I don’t know if this is everywhere, but I was at office depot on Blue Diamond in Las Vegas and they had 2 packs of GE light bulbs for $.44 on clearance, there were several other bulbs on clearance as well!

What do the little yellow symbols mean? They’re stock-up warnings right? I’ve seen 2 different ones but I’m not sure what they mean.:)

I just printed mine, and I will go as soon as I am off work!! I have been couponing for 2 weeks now, and have already by chance of having my coupons with me have found a few money makers and some great deals, already saved an average of 64% on my groceries! And that is with a few trips to the store!! Truly inspiring!! :) THX

is this off a sale or reg price?

The regular price.

Has anyone else had problems downloading Target coupons? I’ve installed the software several times, but it doesn’t work. Do I need to use another browser rather than Internet Explorer? Thanks..

At the top of the screen it probably is telling you that an add-on needs to be added to your computer. Click on that bar. I missed it the first time I went to print, but as soon as I realized it I was good to go.

I have had the same problem.