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$1.00/2 – Totino’s Products, any – (

This coupon prints in Spanish and English, so you shouldn’t have any problems using it!

Use at Walmart:

Totino’s Pizza $1.12
$1.00/2 – Totino’s Products, any – (
Final Price: $0.62

Thanks I Heart the Mart

Use at Target:

Totino’s Pizza $1.39
$1.00/2 – Totino’s Products, any – (
Final Price: $0.89

Thanks Totally Target

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36 thoughts on “New High Value Totino’s Coupon!”

I tried to print as soon as I saw the post, there are no more prints available. They sure don’t last long. They should give out more.

“when i went to print the $1 off totinos coupon it said i exceeded the number of prints and it was the first time i tried to print it. whats up??”

Me three!

shop and save has these everyday for $1.00 hubby is a manager also once in awhile they also have $10.00 off on certain Thursdays must spend $50.00 or more employees can also get the 10.00 off on Fridays as well i had 4 coupons $1.00 off basically i stock piled on this product but with 4 kids ages 21,17,15,and 8 there gone as fast as i buy groceries i cant seem to keep a stock pile been doing this for a 2 weeks now weeks now ughhh kids any suggestions???

Looks like it is out of prints. :( Lets hope it resets!

I’ve never printed this before and it is telling me that I have! Arg!

I had this same problem and have had it on other coupons. KCL, can you please tell us what’s up?

Thanks for this coupon! I printed it early today – couldn’t read the Spanish -lol- but figured I’d take the chance. My husband LOVES this pizza & we buy it regularly. I recently used a $1/4 or 5 – I can’t remember.

$1/2 is way better! Thanks for all you do! You’re awesome for having this website :)

when i went to print the $1 off totinos coupon it said i exceeded the number of prints and it was the first time i tried to print it. whats up??

When I tried printing it said I was already at my printing limit but I haven’t printed any yet.

For me, it stated I already printed, although I know I didn’t :(

It’s telling me I already printed them….although I KNOW I haven’t…will try on the laptop..

I tried printing both the $1.00 coupon and the $.50 one and neither printed? Help…

Ok, so I printed these Totino’s coupons along with a bunch of selected coupons off of your database. For some crazy reason, my printer defaulted to “mirror image” printing and I didn’t discover it until they were all printed. Do you know if the stores will still accept these coupons or did I just waste all my printing limits on these?

The English version of the coupon is only for .50 cents off instead of $1 off.

I hope the store takes the Spanish $1 off one because they are on sale at a local grocery here in Iowa 10 for $10.

The spanish coupon has english on it as well. It says “when you buy TWO any flavor/variety Totinos Products” and then under that line says the same thing, but in spanish.

Thanks Heather :-) was on my way to the store with them when I noticed it.

Got to the store and they were out because of the sale, but I got a raincheck so this is going to be a great deal when they get them in this week.

Thanks so much for this fantastic website! I have saved so much money lately it has made such a difference with my grocery budget.

I noticed that as well and wondered why the difference. Also, I had a question for anyone on here who may be able to answer it. I already asked it, but didn’t see it posted, so I’m going to ask it again.
I printed off a bunch of selected coupons (my print limit) and then discovered that they all printed “mirror image”. Does anyone know if stores will accept these or have I wasted all my coupons?

It’s $0.50 now, but still a good deal.

The website only gave me the option of 50cents off 2 =( Is there another place I can try to get the $1.00/1?

Basha’s in Arizona has Totino’s on sale for .69 each (mix/match 10). With the $1/2 coupon that’s .19 each! Plus this week all manufacturer’s coupons are worth $1!

Help, please explain how two boxes of Totino’s Pizza cost $2.24 and you have a $1.00 coupon when you buy two boxes does that leave the final cost of .62. ($2.24-$1.00=$1.24)

2.24 is the price of 2 pizzas then you apply the 1.00 coupon which makes your total 1.24 for 2 pizzas. So the cost PER pizza is 62 cents.

Help me understand how if the price for Totino’s Pizza is $1.12 for each pizza. That is $2.24 for 2. You use a 1.00 coupon for 2 boxes of pizza, that leaves 1.24. How are you getting it for .62 at Walmart? My walmart doesn’t double, you can’t use additional coupons for those two boxes. What am I missing?

That’s .62 for each one.

Our Wal-mart has these pizzas on rollback for $.88!

When I clicked into totino’s the only coupon that came up was for $.50/1. Am I missing something?

The Spanish coupon is $1/2, but the English coupon is $.50/2. That confuses me!

These are .97$ at my Walmart so I’ll be getting them for .47$ each!! They are disgustingly delicious and everyone at my house is embarassed for loving them!

Bizarre, when I went to print the English coupon, it was only $.50. Anyone else get this?

US version is .50/2

Nevermind. The English version is only for .50. Spanish one is $1.

Mine only shows a .50 coupon. :(

Ive never printed coupons before, it wants me to download something, is this safe? Thanks ladies

Yes, it is safe to download the coupon printers. It just installs the program that makes the barcodes on your coupons readable at the store check-outs, along with the security numbers to prevent coupon fraud.

KCL is a website that I trust 100%.