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FREE download of Adele’s “Someone Like You”


Here is something that placed a smile on my face :) I love free music and I love this song!  Amazon has a FREE download of Adele’s Someone Like You (Performed Live in Her Home).

Thanks, Saving Cents with Sense

10 thoughts on “FREE download of Adele’s “Someone Like You””

  1. Lin

    I looooove her! Thanks

  2. Angel

    Oh awesome! I love Adele!! She’s one of my favorite artists. You can hear so much soul when she sings :)

  3. Becky

    “like” family christian stores on Facebook and you can download 10 free songs!!!

  4. adriann

    As I’m scrolling down reading the new posts I’m listening to Adele’s “Lovesong”. lol
    Weeei-rd BTW her album 21 is nothing short of AMAZING. “Lovesong” is one of my favorite songs off the album. Check it out or youtube it

  5. Danyelle

    Thank you! I downloaded the song. Somehow I never heard it before. While I was at it, I found more free mp3s on, including Beyonce’s “Wishing On A Star,” some iron-poor cover of “Can’t Touch This” (flashback to junior high), and Huey Lewis and the News remaking “Respect Yourself.” Which I just realized is sampled in Salt-N-Pepa’s “Expression.” OK now everyone knows my approximate age…

  6. Annette

    I was so excited to see this. I love Adele. Thank you

  7. darla

    Haha, Danyelle, I can relate to what you said & we’re probably close to the same era (age) w/your likes of “Can’t Touch This”, ha! I still think I have my Mc HAMMAH pants somewhere! Thanx so much for mentioning it, upon Adele’s song comments! I went to look for it & found it, so I’m going to download it, too! YaY!! First time, Adele buyer. Saw her on Chelsea Lately & loved her personality! Thanx also, KCL!!

  8. Dennis Jackson

    It is not over. I am that guy. this kind of love is never over.

  9. add


  10. Adele.♥

    Where can I get free download of this song?

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