Coupons that Walmart will Accept:
Manufacturer Coupons
  • They accept all manufacturer coupons.
  • Manufacturer coupons include those from the newspaper and printable coupons.
Printable Coupons
  • Walmart’s corporate coupon policy states, “We gladly accept the following types of coupons: Print-at-home internet coupons.” **
  • Make sure your printable coupons have the following components:
    • “Manufacturer Coupon” printed on them
    • Valid remit address for the manufacturer
    • Valid expiration date
    • Scannable bar code (make sure to have sufficient ink supply so barcode will be legible and scannable)
Competitor Coupons
  • Need to show a specific item for a specified price, for example, $1.00 for Colgate Toothpaste.
  • Competitor stores need to be in your Walmart store’s local trade territory.
Catalina Coupons from Other Grocery Stores
  • Must be for a specific item.
  • Must be a manufacturer coupon.
How to Get Krazy at Walmart
  1. Look for items on Rollback.
  2. Watch for clearance prices.
  3. Check out trial size items.
  • Look for the smallest package that the coupon allows to save the most amount of money.
  • Walmart doesn’t usually impose limits, and they often have sufficient stock, so this is a great place to stock up!
  • The new Walmart coupon policy allows for overage.
  • Overage is given in the form of cash back or is applied to the basket purchase.
Price Matching
  • You no longer have to have the competitor’s full ad with you to price match.
  • Must be for a specific advertised price. They do not honor doubling or tripling of items, Internet pricing, percent off or BOGO advertisements.
  • Must be within that Walmart store’s local trade territory.
  • For more information, check out Walmart’s Price Matching Policy online.
All You magazine
  • Find at checkout or subscribe online
  • Filled with coupons
  • Only available at Walmart
One Item Per Purchase
  • Most coupons state, “Limit One Item Per Purchase.”
  • This wording refers to your ability to use one coupon per item and is intended to enforce the point that you may not use two of the exact same coupons for one item.

** does state “Store managers make the final decision in always taking care of our customers”, so YMMV (your mileage may vary).

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90 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing at Walmart with the Krazy Coupon Lady”

Can you combine coupons you print off of with a manufacturing coupon or are these considered the same type of coupon?

I had no idea walmart would accept competitors coupons! Can these be stacked with manufacture coupons?

Hi I am a second time couponer , however I only saved $5 after spending $100 and I wanted to know if you can help me plan my next shopping trip please .

ok so if i have a coupon with the limt 1 coupon per purchase and lets say it is $1 off deodorant and if i want to get two of them does that mean they use the coupon 2 times that purchase to get a $1 off on both? sorry new to this and just trying to understand! thanks

Today was my first time using coupons ever in my life and I loved it!! I got such a great deal! I had printed off some coupons that gave me $3.00 off any Finish Quantumatic product. Walmart has a 10 pack thats $2.77 so I made .33 off each one. It was great expect for the fact that the check out people made me feel like I was doing something wrong and even called the manager over to inspect my coupon. Does that always happen with printed coupons?



2.00 off when you buy one pledge any size and one scrubbing bubbles any size. must buy both.

Here is the question. Can i use another coupon for the scrubbing bubbles that i purchased with the first coupon?

Hello Everyone,

I have been couponing for about 2 months and when I first questioned a Walmart cashier about competitor coupons she said they couldn’t accept them and when she had in the past she got in trouble.So of course at that point a manager was called and he informed the cashier that they do in fact accept them.After he left she had to call a CSM over to help her,entire checkout time about 35 min.But after knowing for sure they did accept them I was able to plan a few very good couponing trips,I did dread the checkout but for awhile it did seem worth it,until recently when a cashier seen me headed her way and asked me to go to another line and I asked her if she was serious and she said (with quite a attitude)your the one with coupons…like I had some contagious disease or something.After that trip I had to stop and ask myself if you can put a price on good customer service!And I don’t think the savings at that Walmart will ever be worth how I felt leaving there.It should not take a Cashier,CSM.and a member of management to checkout someone using coupons!

Hi everyone. So sorry to hear about all the trouble so many have been having. I have not had problems price matching store brands in the past. Say , for example Great Value butter (WM’sbrand) versus Kroger brand, so I ‘m not sure what to say.

I have been using the price match along with Manu. Coupons for years- that is till TODAY! I always have my price matches go through first so I can show the ads to the cashier. Everything was fine till the very end. After scanning (successfully) all my MQs, she says here are your other coupons back , We can either do price match or coupons, but not both. I’ m like, What??? I have always been able to do both. I pull out my printed (current) policy and I can’t find anything regarding this. She calls over a supervisor and she said the same thing as the cashier! I told her I have never in the 10 years I’ve shopped at WalMart had a problem price matching and using coupons together and she just says sorry! I had the cashier take those items off, got my coupons back and said , okay now WalMart gets $0 ! I am currently waiting for a call back from the store manager.Wish me luck!

just want to let everyone know that lives in illinois that lives around randall rd in batavia, walmart they says that they will not take internet coupons, cuz its not there policy to many fraud coupons. starting not to like them. target seems better.

Okay, I read through all the comments and saw that some people have talked about it but it isn’t resolved for me. Went in today and was told that Walmart no longer price matches the store brand per the new corporate policy. I have looked at the policy and don’t see what they are interpreting to say that? I know it can be individual to your store but we have a newer store and they have been generally very coupon friendly. (The other store on the other end of town is AWFUL) The overage is great but I will take the Price Match anyday. EX- bought the two Gains for overage of $1.13 on each = $2.26 total but the milk couldn’t be price match at $1.50 f0r the first and $1.99 for the second so I paid $2.70 more for the 2 gallons (not to mention the cheddar cheese that I elected to not buy at all since the price would have been 2/$7 on PM but at reg price I would have been out $19.96, OUCH) I have generally gone to the 2-3 stores with the best ads for the week plus catch the rest at Walmart on PM; looks like I will be having to go to a lot more stores weekly now…anyways anyone know what policy the cashier referred to that states no price matching store brands.

Ok. On the Walmart ad match policy. Walmart will take Bogo ads with a specified price, meaning if say target had bogo on an item priced $2.49 and Walmart’s price is $2, you would get the first item at Walmart $2 and the second they would make $.49 so you would be paying the same amount as if you went to target. They will not do Bogo without a price.
They will also match competitors shopping card prices like a safeway card but you have to show you have the card.
Also, you are not required to have the competitors ad with you. It is stated in their policy that they are responsible for having the weekly ads available. ( personally, i will have my ad with me anyway)

Dmarie, so the Dentastix that are on BOGO at Dollar General and they specify that the original price is $2 each, would they price match that because it is specified? I have $1/1 which makes them free but my Dollar General is out of stock (and doesn’t offer rain checks)

I have had my fair share of coupon problems at Walmart! The last time I went, some of the coupons would scan and the screen would say, “valid coupon amount?” and she wasn’t paying attention and just kept scanning my other coupons. I finally stopped her and told her that she needed to acknowledge the alerts, but she said no she didn’t….very rude too…I finally had to go to customer service and have them gather all my coupons from her checkstand…I had 6.20 coming to me that she had missed!!! Why don’t they train their people better?

I am so frustrated with my Walmart. I do not understand. I had a coupon policy with me and showed them I could get my overages and they refused. I also had stack able coupons and I am wondering if you cannot stack at Walmart. Ex. 2 coupons one says $1 off 2 bags of dog food, second says buy 2 bags dog food get a bone free. If I got all three items 2 coupons one for 2 bags other for bone should I not be able to use them? One of the cashiers told me, “it doesn’t matter what the coupon policy says because it changes about once a month.” This was even at the coupon specialist check out line. Anyways does anyone know if you can stack?

I am so frustrated with my Walmart. I do not understand. I had a coupon policy with me and showed them I could get my overages and they refused. I also had stack able coupons and I am wondering is there is a rule that you cannot stack at Walmart. I saw a post about, buy two bags of dog food get $1 off then another coupon that said buy 2 bags of this same brand of dog food and get a bone free. So I did that and had both coupons and they refused to accept it. I know we can do this all the time at a lot of other stores and they refused. Am I in the dark on this one? Does anyone know if you cannot do this? I am to the point of never going to Walmart shopping again it is so frustrating. They also said it doesn’t matter what the coupon policy says because it changes about once a month. I hate that they do not train their cashiers about the policy. I even went to the coupon specialist line. Twice now in two trips to this store they still have no clue what is going on and they are suppose to be the specialist. It makes me angry because I am that lady in line just trying to check out and the other people behind me think it is my fault because I am a coupon-er. Anyways does anyone know if you can stack and what do you do to fight this?

I have a question about price matching. Our brookshires has a sale of B1G1 for a penny. Will walmart price match that?

Thanks :)

I am upset with Walmart. They scanned all of my coupons but for some reason 2 of the 1.00/1’s did not come off of my bill.

I hate when that happens. It is to much work to gather the coupons in the first place, and when the clerk is lazy and doesn’t scan them all, it is not only a waste of our money but a giant waste of our time. I had that happen to me several times at Target. Since then, I have gotten into the practice of handing my coupons to the clerk one at a time to ensure that all are scanned.

The Walmart closest to me, which is right outside of Chicago, limits me to one coupon for a certain item per transaction. If I had six coupons for the same type of fabric softener, they’d only let me use one of those per transaction.

The Walmart in Twin Falls, Idaho will only accept competitors coupons if they can scan them…which is to say they don’t take them. Honestly why would their machines be set up to scan another stores coupon?

Also I had a problem with a coupon beeping, the clerk called the head woman over, and her remark was because it “wasn’t for the same product as the picture on the coupon”. How dumb can they be? When tide makes 20 plus different sizes shapes and types of Tide are they going to put all their products pictures on the coupon?

What really needs to happen at Walmart is training, and not just at the clerk level, the ones above them aren’t with the program either.

P.S. Price matching isn’t a problem, but I’ve never tried to match after a RR price either.

Heather! I need a D-Ring binder like the one you have. My current 5 inch is no match for my coupons and its getting a little overwhelming. I saw One on line for like $30 bucks and thata alot of Mula for me. Where did you get yours?

This past weekend I was at walmart and using a couple of coupons, the last coupon in the batch did not subtract from the total. I polietly told the cashier and she insisted that it did. So when the receipt came out I verified it did not come off. I showed her and she insisted that it did. I told her to pull out the coupons and I told her exsactly what ones. Although she only pulled out a 3 of them. Finally fed up I went to customer service and the manager went and pulled out the coupons. I told her that if they would have to redo everything I didn’t need the dollar back but would gladly take back my couponn instead. After the manager looked at all the coupons she did give it back to me but stated “that walmart is no longer accepting printed coupons that are from del rio or el paso because that they were not giving walmart their money” I told her that is funny as I had used the coupon there before “it was the egg coupon” she said that maybe all the cashiers had not been trained but their not supposed to take them.. I hope this doesn’t continue to be an issue

hi laura – i JUST posted about this. Its funny they wont accept the print at home coupons with that address but they will accept the regular coupons I..E. from sunday paper coupons with that SAME ADDRESS!! My walmart told me THAT particular address is not legit and they wont accept coupons yet the other day i tested it out and used a regular sunday paper coupon from SS with that SAME address and it worked FINE.
Walmart is WRONG.
Our coupons are legit. ive been doing this for years, i think by now i got the hang of it and i know whats legit and not legit and my print at home coupons are legit – even with the one Fawcett drive, Del rio texas address. that is a LEGIT clearing house address! after being completely exhausted of all efforts with Walmart, ive just about stopped completely shopping there, unless i truly have to! They are short changing us!

Your local store not accepting those types of coupons might be because there has been a rise of fraudulent coupons in your area that feature that address. When a fraudulent coupon is used, it may go through at the register just fine but when it gets to the coupon clearinghouse, they will mark it as fraudulent and not reimburse the store.
The reason so many coupons feature an address in Texas is that over 90% of clearinghouses use Mexican labor (though some use US state prison labor where prisoners count and sort coupons). For more info on this, you can check out under Cleaning Up On Coupons.
So your Walmart store is just trying to be careful and not lose money. I know that it can be frustrating when you run into problems using coupons! But to help, you may want to let them know about the above figure and about sites like this that alert you to current fraudulent coupons:
Best of luck!

hi ladies. hey i was just wondering, i have a BOGO coupon that is for herbal essance or aussie shampoo or cond but the free bee has to be a styling product. i noticed in the small print it says (items up to $3.49)does this mean the free items can not exceed that amount? but now also i priced them at different stores and all the hair products for this coupon range from 3.60 and up . how can i make this work ? or can i still use this on any styling product from herbal essance or assie? please help im confused!!!! thank you

That price (up to $3.49) is what the manufacturer will reimburse the store. So say that the shampoo is $4 and the styler is $3.69, then you will end up paying $4.20 when you buy both and use your coupon ($4 for the shampoo and then $3.69-$3.49 coupon= $4.20).
The cashier will need to key in “$3.49” for the BOGO coupon and write in the price on the coupon in the provided box. Whatever is over that cost is what you will pay.

Hi Heather!!!

Kind of off topic….But if you write companies for coupons, what exactly should you say to them? Do you just leave a comment that you like their products or do you specifically ask for coupons? Any input would be appreciated.

Wow that’s awful Sue. I too have had some pretty bad situations that almost had me giving up on couponing but I learned to stand up for myself and glad you did as well. Last year Target cashier tried to deny my coupons and was I had to try and politely correct her on their store policy and what a “purchase” means vs. the entire transaction. She insisted I was wrong and called her supervisor over and believe it or not the supervisor still tried to insist I was wrong until I asked her to please close the lane off and READ the store policy I happily handed to her. She said she was not familiar with it and therefore had to call over the store manager. The manager smiled and said “Yes, the customer is correct please let her use the coupons”. Sometimes they are rude but most are just plain not trained but there is no reason at all to accuse people of coupon fraud and say it in front of customers. Totally unacceptable and I would have called them on it too. We shopped at a Winco a month ago and my boyfriend was told by the supervisor that all supervisors now have to look at all coupons before the cashier can accept them because they have a huge folder of fraudlent coupons going around. He said it was nothing in particular either. I’m sure the economy is having more consumers using coupons more than ever but unfortunately a few bad apples can make it harder on us honest coupon users.

a revision to their coupon policy as of last week is that they will not price match produce advertised that is priced per pound if they have that product priced per item. i have been price matching produce for months there and it was frustrating to say the least. so i had an ad that had 8 lbs of oranges for a dollar but since oranges at walmart were not priced per pound but rather per orange (44 cents per orange, i believe) they would not do it. the manager made a one time exception because I told her that i had been doing it for months and it contradicted their television commercial (any item, any ad, something like that) and she said it was a new policy in the last week. that is what made it worth while for me to drive the extra distance and shop there. my local grocery store is very cheap except the produce. we just got a sunflower market three blocks away though that has very cheap produce so I am done with walmart.

sorry for the novel, just wanted to give anyone who price matches there a heads up. i have told so many people about the produce price matching that have started doing all their shopping there that will no longer do it. walmart is the worst. long lines, poor service, don’t have the kind of sales local stores have. it is crazy to think about the hassle i have had there since they have had this huge marketing campaign about price matching. do they not educate their cashiers? a lot of advertising $$$ wasted. guess there new policy makes my life easier in eliminating any reason that i would ever go there.

ooooo WalMart scares me!

As a regular at my local walmart I cant say i have had many problems with them as far as couponing is concerned.I just started price matching and it does me a world of good. As far as matching the RR PRICE one cashier took that price which made it free after coupons. I have not experienced the overage yet I am hoping to this weekend when I do some serious price matching

Great info but now my head is spinning with all these ads and stores thank Goodness I have your blog to help me sort through the best deals and match ups. I don’t think I could recall which store has the best price for 20 items and the ad to bring to Walmart to price match. This is all great to know though. I’m guessing with the economy Walmart has decided to get with the program and allow competitors coupons and even now overage to encourage us all to do more of our drug store shopping with them.

I HATE Walmart and their coupon policys or lack of. Not once have I went in with printed internet coupons and NOT had them accuse me of photocopying….I would point to the 2 different numbers on the coupon and say” Look…they are 2 completely DIFFERENT coupons…the 2 prints I am ALLOWED…only they are in black ink not colored…I have no colored ink!…One lady even accused my husband of committing coupon fraud right in front of a whole bunch of custoemrs in line! I was NOT happy when he came home and told me and immediately I call the store manager, then drive over to Walmart for a face to face!…

Sue i am with you on this. My walmart gives me HE double hockey sticks every single time i bring in a printed coupon at home. They tell me they arent legit and wont accept them. i refuse to buy any of my groceries there, EVER. we only go there about once every three months now for a kids toy on sale or what not.
i LOATHE Walmart. they have upset me so many times i cant stand to give them my money. its SAD!!!!

be careful abou the price matching. they told me they don’t match ‘outlet’ stores, I had tried it with family dollar. I didn’t evenknow family dollar was considered an outlet store…

I had an issue with price matching the other day too. I was told by a manager they do not price match dollar stores or warehouse stores. I was trying to price match to a Big Lots ad. However, I couldn’t find the wording in their price match policy ( to back it up. Any have details on this? I would have assumed a competitor was any other store in their local area who offered the same product. It’s not a big deal if they only price match with certain stores, but since it is not stated in their policy, maybe it could be argued. Thanks so much for any feedback :0)

I was able to purchase Cheese Sticks with coupons and make $$ because the coupons didn’t designate size – they stipulated any size. The male cashier studied the c/o then admitted it should be used – no beeping of the register, so it was fine. I’ve only tried it once and since it worked, I’ll be doing it again!

Ooo, do tell, what cheese sticks are we talking about? I want free cheese sticks and maybe some overage? Yah!

Heather, I wish you would discuss price matching of food, particularly produce and meat. I have done some price matching, but the results have been very inconsistent. For example, I attempted to price match plain sirloin steak that had no brand name twice. The first time I had no problem, and the second time I did. The checker told me it was against the policy. Also with produce, often the only items available in certain vegetables or fruits will be pre-packaged. When I try to price match from another store’s ad, sometimes they let me do it and sometimes they don’t.

I try to avoid Walmart at all cost. I will drive past three Walmarts to get to a Target. For me its not worth going into Walmart to buy the travel size. My OOP is always more at Walmart than any other store. But thanks for sharing the video. Its nice to see that Walmart is trying to reach out to us Krazy Coupon Ladies.

I am a cashier at a Walmart and our store will not let us price-match the after RR price. I wish they would, I would love it if they did:)

Last time I was at Walmart they would not take my coupons (none of which had size exclusions) for trial size. I tried explaining to the cashier & her supervisor that the coupons did not state “trial/travel size excluded”, but their argument was “the coupon was not intended for that” & “we’ve just never taken coupons for trial size”. Next time I plan to bring a copy of the new policy, but does anyone have tips on how to explain my reasoning to the cashier? Thanks.

Yes – LOL – that’s when I politely state that I don’t want those items, offer to return them to the shelf (under the premise of getting a larger size), and then locate a checker on the opposite side of the store. It’s quicker overall this way at my Walmart. What a hassle. Also, FYI my Walmart has started enforcing quantity limits in concert w/the competitor’s ad.

You’re right, that’s probably the best way to do handle it! Less time & energy wasted :) Anyway, I appreciate that you know what I’m talking about.

I am planning my second couponing shopping trip and was wondering if you can stack a comp add, a Target coupon AND a manufactuer’s coupon at Walmart? If so I should be able to score some free Wishbone Dressing!

You can either use:
A store coupon that gives a specific price for a specific item
Price match an in-ad price (not a coupon) and use a manufacturer coupon.
Walmart’s new policy only allows “One coupon per item” and all printable coupons must be manufacturer coupons with a valid remit address (so no Target Web Coupons, unfortunately).

THANK YOU for that!!! I have avoided WalMart because of all the hassles I have heard of. I’ve been getting better with my savings at Wags and CVS so I’ve stuck with them.

BTW, where did you get your binder??? Love it!! I recently upgraded to a zippered binder with a strap and 2 ringed sections and I’m already busting out of it.

I was in Wal-mart the other day and I had a $2 off a&d ointment printed off and then i had a $1 off mfr coupon. The girl scanned both and i got my a&d for 34 cents. A couple days later i tried doing the same thing and the cashier told me only ONE coupon per item =(

Walmart’s new coupon policy does state that they allow “Only one coupon per item” so they are not under any obligation to accept a store coupon in conjunction with a manufacturer coupon on the same item.

My mom just had an issue with Walmart yesterday. She was buying the gain for 1.87 and used the $3.00 off and the cashier was really rude and didn’t believe she could use it even though it went through just fine. She called the manager over and she did it, but she didn’t think they were supposed to either. Meanwhile while they were discussing this my mom called with me about this I pulled out my policy and read it to her word for word.

From now on she will be bringing the coupon policy with her. They were very rude about it though. I almost wanted to go out there myself after my mom left to the same cashier and when she tried to stop me, pull out my coupon policy and politly show her how to do her job. :)

I would perhaps print out a copy for the manager and some for the assistant managers. It was probably that the manager was unaware of the policy change on overage, therefore the employees were not trained on it yet.
If you put yourself in the cashier’s place, and you hadn’t been trained on overage, it might take you by surprise when someone wants overage (either cash back or applied to the rest of the purchase) and you haven’t had to give it in the future. She was probably scared she would get in trouble/ fired if she did that. And the thing is, the managers probably don’t/ didn’t know about the policy change. It very well could have been corporate that changed it but forgot or is slow in training the stores on it.
The best remedy is to have a little chat with the manager to get them up to date.
For more on speaking with managers, setting up the appointment and what to say, check out Chapter 9: Befriending the Bigwigs: Learning Store Policies and Talking to Store Managers in our book, Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey.

I tried 2 printable coupons at Wal-Mart, they accepted one and not the other. The cachier didn’t know why it wouldn’t go through and gave me a blank stare with no intention of helping me further. I have many friends who have had the same problem at our local Wal-mart which makes me hesitant about even going there in the first place. I am doing really well at Kroger and Wal-Greens so I will stick with those places for now.

I’ve just found it’s easier to purchase the product at the store that has it on sale instead of dealing with the whole price matching at Wal-Mart. I no longer purchase much at Wal-Mart (where I used to only buy there). The only thing I buy there now are clearance childrens’ clothes and baby food.

Will this work and Wal-Mart?
Wish Bone Dressing $1.38
Target printable $-1.00 off Wishbone dressing
Manufacturer printable -$1.00 off Wishgone dressing?

You may only use one coupon (store or manufacturer) per item.
Under Walmart’s coupon policy, they will not allow customers to use a printable Target Web Coupon because all print-at-home coupons must “have “Manufacturer Coupon” printed on them” and they “Must have a valid remit address for the manufacturer.”

Thanks for posting. I tried to use a catalina from Target at WM, and even though it said “Manufacturer’s Coupon”, because it said “Redeemable at Target” they would not accept it. I was not happy but had nothing to back up any argument I could make. So I was SOL, but it’s good to know I was right!!

Just wondering if anyone knows how the policy works when you want to price match an item from a different store and also have a manufacturer’s coupon to use. I have heard that this will not work at Walmart but have not found where it states that in their coupon or price match policies. Thanks for the input and love the crazy coupon ladies :)

At Walmart, I have used coupons on items that were price matched from other stores ads. You should not have an issue using them so long as the coupon matches the item being purchased specifically (size, quantity, brand, etc.)

I always price match the Fred Meyer coupons…that is what they do for a store coupon…just match the price. Then I give them all my manufacturer’s coupons at the end and have never had a problem with them taking them. It is not using 2 coupons per item. It is using a coupon on a price match. I have also not had a problem with them matching store brand for store brand in ads either.

Stacey I don’t know the policy, but I did all my purchases last week with price match and then used my coupons! No questions asked!

I did it just the other week. I price matched and then used a coupon. It had the spot on the coupon where they’re supposed to write in how much the coupon was worth and used the amount before the price matching but still got my item price matched. I had a deodorant coupon B2G1 and price matched it for $1.99 then the coupon was good for Walmarts actual price ot $4.50 or something like that. so it was like .50 each.

Stacey – you can price match and use a manufacture’s coupon. I just did it last night at my Walmart. Unfortunately, they will not take a store coupon and a manufacture coupon… I tried that with the Tangled blu-ray that Target had advertised.

Walmart’s coupon policy states “Only one coupon per item”, so they are under no obligation to take both a store coupon PLUS a manufacturer coupon (they just allow one or the other).
You may, however, do a price match (so just a regular advertised sale price, not a coupon) and use a manufacturer coupon.

It is not specified in their policy. I had a cashier tell me I wasn’t allowed to do that one time but I insisted that both (seperate) policies could be combined. The manager decided in my favor & I walked out with free products!!

Don’t forget about price matching! They will price match a walgreens ad AFTER register rewards! Also, there’s no limit!!

Wait, they will match a Wags RR deal without having to jump through the same hoops??? I haven’t heard this before! Is this a YMMV situation or have I been missing out on a LOT of deals? OMG, please someone verify this!!!

I’m curious about this too! I have to drive about 12 miles to get to a walgreens, when walmart is only about 3 miles from my house! that would be awesome if they do this!

I work at a Walmart and they will not let us price-match the after RR price. I wish they did though, it would be really nice to stock up, as our Walgreens is out of stuff alot. They also will not do the after price for ECB’s from CVS.

Walmart will only price match the base sale price of an item, so they cannot honor a price that is listed “after” Register Rewards/ Extra Bucks/ +Up Rewards because those register coupons are used on a FUTURE purchase, so you are not really getting that “lower” price on THAT transaction. Does that sense?
It is highly unusual if your Walmart does allow this and they are under no obligation to price match an “after Rewards” price.

Walmart is under no “obligation” to accept any coupons or to serve you at all, having a policy doesnt make them a government organization or any thing. They are a private company. I am suprised that walmart and the grocery stores on extreme couponing on TV dont just refuse service to people that get $1000 dollars of food for 10 bucks, especially the stores that offer triple coupons and such, I dont think the manufacturers reimburse them triple. But instead of offending people it would make sense to refuse, the policies change and hurt the moderate coupon users. Thank you all.

So I just want to clarify: The toothpaste this week is 2/$2 after RR (I think I’m just guessing lol it’s just an example anyhow) So Walmart would sell it to me for $2 out the door? Then I could use my Q’s to bring that total down? I’ve been wondering about this… Do we have this in writing somewhere for the difficult cashiers. I know the policy says they will match the reward card programs and to me it’s the same but may not be to them….knim?

It makes me mad when I see bloggers encourage readers to use the new Walmart coupon policy to the readers advantage and make the cashiers pay the customer money if the coupon creates overage. That is ethically wrong and those cashiers will must likely get fired since their drawer will be short at the end of the shift. You should NEVER take $$ even if your total is in the negative. I will step off my soapbox now.

Coupons are currency. The store get’s the face value of the coupon back PLUS 8 cents. So if you pay with cash and they owe you change back you leave it? I don’t think so?

Melissa , There is nothing wrong with getting overage on an item. What you need to realise is say you have a 2 dollar off coupon and your item amount is 1.50 . The store gets the 2 dollars back for the coupon from the manufacturer plus 8-13 cents . So they arent loosing any money there actually making 8-13 cents.

Christina is right…if the sale price is $2.50, and you have a coupon for $3 off, then they will give you .50 change back. the drawers are not short, cause they look at all the coupons in the drawer and add them into the total when they are counting it at the end of the day. also, the coupon that you used, that company will pay walmart the $3 that the coupon was for. in no way is walmart losing any money, and the cashier will NOT get into trouble for giving change back cause their drawer will balance out. please, if you are going to make a claim as big as saying that people could lose their jobs, then get your facts correct.

How is it “ethically wrong” if their own policy very clearly states it is okay? I don’t know how registers work, but they have obviously worked out that issue. I really doubt cashiers will get in trouble with Walmart for following Walmart’s policy.

You may want to read Walmart’s coupon policy before you get on your soapbox again. It says they give overages!! Hellllo :)

Heather, I just wanted to say that I adore your necklace and earrings! You are living proof that saving money on groceries allows us “Krazies” to enjoy an improved lifestyle!

I have a question about Walmarts price matching policy. Do they allow you to price match store brands. Flavorite to Great Value is one example. For a while they did at my store but now they say they dont.

As far as matching brand names I do know for a fact that it depends on the store you are matching with. If for example, you are matching a CVS brand item to a Walmart brand item but there is not a CVS within a certain mileage from that Walmart they do not have to accept it. You just need to make sure that which ever company’s brand name you are trying to match is near the Walmart that you go to.

All of the components of the item(s) you are price matching must be the exact same. For example you can price match things like D’Anjou pears for 99¢/lb from a nearby grocery store or $1.50 for 14oz Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes. But you cannot match another generic brand to Walmart’s generic brand of that same type product.
So products you are price matching must have the same weight/volume, flavor/ type, and brand name.

I just printed their coupon policy a few weeks ago and they did accept catalinas from walgreens. I have a $10 catalina that I was going to use at Walmart. Will that still work?

They have updated their coupon policy as of last week (again) and it says that Catalinas must be “for dollar/cents off on a specific item” and “Must have “Manufacturer Coupon” with specific item requirements printed on them.” So according to their coupon policy, they will not accept Register Rewards (which are manufacturer coupons but they are not for a specific item, which the new coupon policy requires).

OMG I don’t know what I am going to do with all of the catalinas I have now. No kidding I stockpiled $50 just so I could take them to Walmart. I don’t know how to spend that much at Walgreens. Uggh…..

I just had an issue with them. I had a Catalina coupon from Martins for Gillette men’s deodorant $3.50 off. Walmart had the deodorant on sale for $3.49. I tried using it and the register beeped. the cashier argued with me for 20 minutes about it… I luckily had my coupon policy with me and she finally agreed. I even told her to just takeit off that I would buy it elsewhere and she insisted on arguing… so 20 mintues later and screaming kids I got my free deodorant.

@ Christina D, you could used your RR to stock up on toilet paper. Or use it to purchase items to donate like toothpaste, diapers,food, etc..

I have had two “discussions” with Walmart Cashier Mgrs. on overage. After much discussion the first consulted a binder kept at one of the registers and discovered I was correct and they could use the coupon. On the occasion (same store) the other Cashier Mgr kept saying “We can’t give you no money” I wasn’t asking for money it was going toward another product but I took the binder from another register and showed her it said the customer can receive cash or the overage can go to another item. She still didn’t want to believe me but I got it. It was so frustrating both times. I try to be a courteous coupon user and I was very patient but insistent. Frankly I don’t have the energy to do this all the time so I doubt I will be doing a lot of overage use at Walmart.

My local super walmart refuses to accept my printed coupons with the clearing house address that has: 1 Fawcett DRive, Del Rio, Texas. DUH these are LEGIT coupons and this is a LEGIT clearing house address. EVery time i take my printed coupons to Walmart they ALWAYS look at the address and go straight to their ‘coupon rule book’ and it states in a big flyer ‘do not accept coupons from this address, 1 FAwcett Drive” yet i’ve gone STRAIGHT to the manager and showed them a majority of my regular coupons from magazines, RP, SS, etc are from that SAME address so how can they tell me my coupons are not legit when they have the same clearing house address on them AND they are verified online.
Ive had several Walmart cashiers do this to me. The second they see a printed coupon they immediately check on the address, check their ‘book’ and tell me they cant accept coupons from this address. its a LEGIT clearing house address and ALL of my coupons come from or legit websites. its sad.
i no longer shop at Walmart unless i absolutely have to. Its sad. I use to enjoy shopping there but they will not accept my coupons and a large amount of mine are printed at home.