Coupons that Walmart will Accept:

Manufacturer Coupons

  • They accept all manufacturer coupons.
  • Manufacturer coupons include those from the newspaper and printable coupons.

Printable Coupons

  • Walmart’s corporate coupon policy states, “We gladly accept the following types of coupons: Print-at-home internet coupons.” **
  • Make sure your printable coupons have the following components:
    • “Manufacturer Coupon” printed on them
    • Valid remit address for the manufacturer
    • Valid expiration date
    • Scannable bar code (make sure to have sufficient ink supply so barcode will be legible and scannable)

Competitor Coupons

  • Need to show a specific item for a specified price, for example, $1.00 for Colgate Toothpaste.
  • Competitor stores need to be in your Walmart store’s local trade territory.
Catalina Coupons from Other Grocery Stores
  • Must be for a specific item.
  • Must be a manufacturer coupon.

How to Get Krazy at Walmart

  1. Look for items on Rollback.
  2. Watch for clearance prices.
  3. Check out trial size items.
  • Look for the smallest package that the coupon allows to save the most amount of money.
  • Walmart doesn’t usually impose limits, and they often have sufficient stock, so this is a great place to stock up!


  • The new Walmart coupon policy allows for overage.
  • Overage is given in the form of cash back or is applied to the basket purchase.

Price Matching

  • You no longer have to have the competitor’s full ad with you to price match.
  • Must be for a specific advertised price. They do not honor doubling or tripling of items, Internet pricing, percent off or BOGO advertisements.
  • Must be within that Walmart store’s local trade territory.
  • For more information, check out Walmart’s Price Matching Policy online.

All You magazine

  • Find at checkout or subscribe online
  • Filled with coupons
  • Only available at Walmart

One Item Per Purchase

  • Most coupons state, “Limit One Item Per Purchase.”
  • This wording refers to your ability to use one coupon per item and is intended to enforce the point that you may not use two of the exact same coupons for one item.

** does state “Store managers make the final decision in always taking care of our customers”, so YMMV (your mileage may vary).