There was a coupon in this Sunday’s Red Plum (5/1) insert for $2.00 of a 4-pack of Noxzema Spa Shave Razors. A 4-pack of razors is only $1.97 at Walmart so you will get these for free and yes receive a $0.03 overage!

Noxzema Spa Shave Razors, 4-pack $1.97
$2.00/1 Noxzema Spa Shave Razors, 4 pack from RP 5/1
Final Price: $0.03 Moneymaker!

Thanks, Saving Everyday

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120 thoughts on “Free Noxzema Razors at Walmart!”

I had a question??? The date that is posted by each item on your website. Does the date mean it is no longer used after this date or does it mean the date it is posted on the site…please let me know so i know what ones i can print please…

Hello I am soooo mad that I didn’t get this coupon in my papers nor did I get the right guard coupons….

My Foodlion has BOGO for the Noxema 4 pack razors. Price $4.29. I used two $2/1q and paid .29 for both 4 packs! AWESOME!!!

I didn’t get this coupon either. I was a little upset. I found them on ebay so I ordered the coupons. I hope wal-mart still has them on sale by the time my coupons get here. I am really new at all of this. I am trying to figure out when certain coupons come out. I see where a lot of people get toothbrushes and toothpaste stuff like that for free. I have gotten those items cheap a quarter each which I am not complaining. But I am just curious to see if there is anything else I can do. Trying to clip my budget to survive.

This deal is valid to all of you who are having problems with this~ Walmart had a variety of noxema razor kits that worked with the $2 off coupon. The bikini shavers (which were sorta hard to find because they are so small) are under $2, so they were free with coupon. There were 2-3 types of noxema packs that had 4 razors in them that were $2.67, making them $0.67 each pack (still a great great deal). Then there were more expensive kits that I didn’t even look at because I wanted very little oop. This was a very straight forward coupon senerio and I loaded up! I am careful to only use coupons on products that are specified, and this was a homerun. The cashier was impressed with all the deals I got~ anyway~ all the complainers or confused people need to pipe down and learn the system~ lol

It’s interesting how many of the “deals” featured on this site are not valid, and once it is pointed out that they are in error, they are not removed from the site.

The deal is valid. WalMart will accept your $2/1 Q. HOWEVER, it is no ones fault that WalMart has different pricing at all stores. My 3 WalMarts are all within 15 miles and each store has different inventory at different prices.

This site is a GUIDE, A ROAD MAP if you will to savings, not a BIBLE.

Spend your own 40 hours a week to go find your own deals if you don’t like what you find here. Even my Rite Aid prices vary from Store to store unless it is in the national ad….

I for one saved $1100 last month alone, and this is MY #1 SITE. So obviously, the info they offer, the education in couponing and the match ups they give WORK WELL.

Debbs, I am new to this and I must say that you guys give great advice and I can follow along. Sorry I have to disagree with you beside my Bible that I use to pray this sight is my bible LOL thanks for the help.

I didn’t receive these in my Sunday RedPlum either. Darn! They must have been available only to certain areas.

I did this deal at Walgreens and in some of the packages there is another $2 off coupon so you can get the deal again! :) Spent $30.50 (that included $10 of reigster rewarsa) for $80 worth of products. So excited!!! Did the brag page get fixed? I cannot post some of my shopping deals.

I am new to this so I do not understand Register Rewards at Walgreen’s. I actually bought around 60 of these coupons prepared to run to Wal-Mart and get my free razors. So now I have to go with plan B, which is to go to Walgreen’s. Do I purchase the sixty razors in seperate transactions in order to reap the full rewards and not have to pay a lot out of pocket up front? How does this work? Someone help please!

I live in Maryville, TN and these coupons were not in my Red Plum. Must only be in certain areas. :-( Oh well!

I bought the Kansas City Star and Omaha Herald and they didn’t have that coupon in last Sunday’s paper :(
But I did get the Nivea body wash coupon that was in there a few weeks ago.

My Virginia RP insert did not have this coupon. I’ve also searched RP website using every zip code posted on comment boards I have seen and still have not found this coupon. Envy that some of you found it, but glad you did.

I went to Walgreens and got these razors for $3.99 with the $2 coupon it was $1.99 and then I got $3 register rewards so it was a $1 moneymaker!

I got this deal too. I went to another walgreens because I bought the last pack. and they had a bonus pack attached. so double the razors for the same price plus RR. I wish I waited and used my first coupon at that one too.

When I got mine at Walgreens it had a $2.00 off your next purchase of this product coupon inside the package! That means I made my money back on my second trip to Walgreens!

our local walmart here in TN won’t allow “overage”.

I Showed them the walgreens weekly ad and they price matched it to $0.99. I used the $2 coupon :)
Final price : $1.01 Moneymaker…

I bought 3 of them and I got a Nivea mens body wash for free!!!

If you found them for .67 cents each, thats still not bad!! lol.. i dont have a car :( and no bus near me to goto a walmart! and stinkin walgreens keeps selling out of em!!

I bought 8 packs in 2 transactions for $0.67 each. WalMarts here in Phoenix sell the Spa version every day for $2.67. It’s in the ladies razor section – we searched the heck out of the men’s section for a “blue” looking pack – the razors are a Summery orange and yellow.

I can not find the coupons any where. does anyone have the zip code they used to get these Thanks

got the razors pictured as a moneymaker at walgreens. got the 2.67 razors at walmart and paid 67 cents. all in all i was happy.

the noxzema bikini razors (three pack) are $1.97. I used my $2.00/1 coupon on these at my walmart.

Walgreens has a B1G1 pack of 4. They are marked down to $3.99 with $3.00 back in register rewards. I used my $2.00 coupons making them $1.99 and actually received the $3.00 in register rewards. This comes out to me making $1.01 on each double pack I bought.

None of these coupons in my inserts. Same thing happened with the nivea coupons…why are my inserts lacking these awesome deals? :(

the only noxzema shavers that are a 1.97 are the bikini 3 pack
not the one that is shown , the one you have is 2.67

Are these at any other store? Because my Wal*mart doesn’t have any of those razors for that price.

Bummer. Priced 4.97 at my Walmart too; Vegas.

they cost $4.97 at my walmart

I went to my local walmart last night, and the price on these razor was 4.97. Darn it! I wanted to get these before the price went up. I guess I waited too long. Its hard to go shopping every day when you are in school and work full time. I need to organize my coupons better because I have been taking to much time going through them and checking things out in the aisles so I don’t miss any the freebies or low price items.

I got this coupon in Ma. :) I’m going to give it a shot in a little while. :)

I was able to get the 3 pack of bikini trimmers for free, however the regular razors were $4.67 at my walmart.

never could find the coupon! bummed :(

At our Wal-mart they are $2.67, but .67 is one heck of a deal. I love it!

the 2.00 off was off the 4 blade which was 4.97. the 3 blade was 2.67 so i wasn’t sure if the coupon would work.

Me either. If you find out where we could use this coupon please let me know! :)

I got mine at walgreens.. There was more $2.00 off coupons inside!!!

The razors are actually $2.67 for a 4-Pack. The Noxema bikini trimmers are the item that is listed @ $1.97 with a +$0.03. You can get this item for free and the other item for only $0.67 each!!

thats exactly what
i paid for mine still really good deal

I think the coupons are gone from the Red Plum website now.

Our walmart in Russellville has these razors for 2.67 on rollback from 2.97. Still .67 cents for 4 razors was a good deal.

I can’t find the coupon on the RP website and it’s also not in the insert. HELP!! I’m desperately trying to coupon but it’s very discouraging when the deals I’m looking for are nowhere to be found. I already don’t have the time to spend and I’ve spent an hour trying to find this coupon :(

ok found them at red plum website n the 3rd page except price was 2.67 at wal-mart but it had two extra so i got 6 razor for .67 plus tax still think it a good buy and they had a $2.00 coupon inside…thanks

I didn’t get it in my insert but I was able to print it from the website. I got the razors for the 1.97 price! I bought 6 packs of razors and they all came with another $2 coupon inside!

I’m with all of you! It’s not in my inserts either :( Boo!

yeah i can’t find it either…i wanted to get extra ones, but i guess i will have to make do

Can anyone maybe post the link for the noxzema razor coupons on here to help those of us who can’t seem to find them on redplum?

I didnt see this coupon either???

No razor coupons in my red plum either (Alabama), but if you look on, look under “drugstore” for the razor coupons

i cant find the coupon on red plum? anyne know why?

I live in So. Cal and I did not see any noxema prices listed for 1.97. I’m not sure if they dont carry that type or they ran out and took out the tag. I was still able to get a colorful 4-pack for .67 each plus tax…. Still a steal considering I would spent more.

This coupon was not in my RP insert here in VA. Tried to print the coupon on from my PC and it timed out. Stopped by my mom’s house and tried to print the coupon from her PC and it STILL wouldn’t print! Man, this is frustrating. :(

I got up early and bought 5 papers and clipped the razor coupons and went to Walmart and another coupon lady beat me to the razors and cleared the shelf….lol. I guess I need to get up earlier on Sundays. I didn’t see these razors at walgreens.

I was so excited to go buy my papers today!! There it was…the Red Plum insert…and almost teared up when there was no Razor coupon..sniffle…BUT I got it on!! This saved the day!

Where did you find it on

I live in Johnstown PA and got the Red plum insert…NO COUPON FOR THESE :(

didn’t find it n red plum n paper today where else can i look ..was so excited

In Indiana and there were NO Red Plum inserts in our paper! We bought 2 separate copies! :(

I’m in Norhtern In and although we had RP inserts there were no razor coupons in it :( Or the buy one bodywash get one free :(:(

I did go go out this am buy my news papers. My Wal-Mart only has the 4 pk+2 bonus triple blades for 2.67…. so I got 18 razors for 2.50!! Including tax I am still happy.. cause guess what, these also have another $2 off coupon!! WIN-WIN!!!

no coupon in Hartford NY

I have found that here at my local wal-mart in Plant city Florida some of the noxzema razors have bonus packs 2 extra razors in them fora total of 6 per pack..yay!

The Bikini Razors are 1.97.

I work at walmart and we don’t price match each other because our prices are based on local competitors. We only price match other competitors.

Our Walmart has the razors for $4.97 per pack! not worth the $2.00 coupon .I went inspired to walmart this am and even spoke to the manager…he recognized that I had been there 2 days in a row! Left defeated!!!
What Walmart has this price…They say at Walmart We price match…wonder if they will for their own items??? Need help Please……….

The coupon is for a few different variaties. If you get the spa razor’s they are the ones that are 4.97. if you get the ones like are in the picture, which are the smooth shaver, they are the ones that are cheaper. I didn’t find them for the 1.97, they are 2.67 at my Wal-mart, but still for .67 a pack that’s pretty good, plus my walmart carries the bonus pack, which has 6 razors in it rather than the 4.

I am on the Redplum website and cannot find the coupon. Do I need to change the state I am in?

I didn’t get this coupon either…it seems my paper never has these great deals. What other areas received this, besides Georgia?

i live in arizona and we got them, but my friend who lives in california didn’t :/

It’s in the Press-Enterprise which is distributed all thru SoCal/Riverside area.

I live in Central CA and had to buy the LA Times to get the good coupons. Did the same when the Nivea coupons came out on 4/17. So, when you find out which papers have the good stuff, you can look for those. Maybe they put them in the bigger city newspapers.

i live in southern illinois and got these in the southern illinoisan sunday paper. Did not receive them in the PADUCAH SUN

I live in Nevada and didn’t receive it either…

Wall mart in Twin Falls Idaho $2.67

I’m wondering if the coupon can be use too in the razors at walgreens may be are gonna be the cheapest ones like walmart not the spa ones

You are welcome Brittany :) I just thought it would help others with the specifics. And Angela, I will be stocking up on these at Walmart as I don’t have much to spend as far as out of pocket is concerned. So .47 at Walmart will benefit me more than the initial 1.99 oop at Walgreens.

Thanks Michelle,I’m new to stocking up and thought that 47 cents would be a great stock up price but wasn’t really sure.Everyone have a great shopping week!!!

The coupon is good for Any (1) Noxema Spa Shave 4-blade 4-pack, or Super Smooth Triple Blade Shaver 4-pack or 8-pack, or Premium-Pivot Twin Blade 12-pack, or Bikini Shaver 3-pack. With an expiration date of June 30, 2011.

Thank you Michelle :)
I was wondering what the specifics for this coupon were.

Yes this is the coupon that I have.I checked my Walmart today and the super smooth triple blade 4 pk is $2.47.So.with $2.00 off coupon the 4pk of razors will cost 47 cents.Is this considered a good stock up price for the razors?Thanks..

It’s the Noxzema Bikini Shave & Trim that are $1.97 :)

I live in Georgia, and at my local CVS they have a Spanish paper that is FREE (newspaper) that nobody ever gets and they keep it on the bottom rack at the front of the store by the other newspapers…i just picked them up yesterday and there is the 5/1 redplum insert in it! The managers at some of my local CVS’s are bank customers of mine, and they know im a crazy couponer so they always bring them to me! Keep a look out for these papers, im not sure if these are just in Georgia or other states as well! needless to say i thought my heart was gona jump outa my chest when i saw the redplum inserts and the coupons that were in it! Body wash and razor blades here i come :-)

Thanks! I’ll keep an eye out for these.

ATLANTA: Hi Brittni — thanks so much for the post! Where about in GA, would be really cool to connect with fellow coupon lovers like myself…we can keep eye out for each other on thumbs up deals!

Coupon not in my redplum.. :( Hartford, CT

Hi Lisa from hartford, none in my Redplum either…Middletown CT.

Not in the RedPlum in the newspaper in Corpus Christi, Texas either. You can print them from their website.

only 4 inserts Sunday 5/1 paper we get ours in Sat’s. No coupon for $2.00 razors off

I love these reazors!!! when u buy them they always come with a $2.00 coupon so i stocked up the other day, but now i can really stock up so excited

This is correct, there is a $2/1 Q inside the package, but the inside Package Q is for the 4 blade Spa Shave but still I love the idea of getting a coupon good till 12/31/11 for $2 off by purchasing the brand in the first place!

What is the redplum and where can i get it? I am new to this, any help you can give would be great.

REDPLUM, it comes in the sunday paper. If you dont recieve REDPLUM in your newspaper, (like me) if there is a coupon you cant live without you can buy them from a coupon clippin website.

It’s still a $1.00 moneymaker at Walgreens… on the right product even. 😉

Hi the walgreens add says register rewards good on next purchase? i dont understand wat that means…im new to this? and i have 2 coupons for those razors can i use them both on seprate items?

@ Ashley…the RR (Register Reward) is like Walgreens Cash…it will be good on your next purchase, but you cannot use it to buy the same item you received it from, nor can you use it to buy milk or dairy products…there are a few exclustions so just make sure you read it. I like to go early or late when there aren’t that many people, and seperate my transactions so I can roll my Register Rewards between purchases. Since you have two coupons make sure you do 2 SEPERATE TRANSACTIONS so that you will get Register Rewards both times. :)

The razors pictured are not the correct ones. The ones listed on the coupon are the Spa shave ones, which are purple and higher in price. Thought I would let you know before everyone ran out and used the coupons on the wrong product. Those razors are around $5 a pack.

Party pooper! :-(

Thank You, I was just going to say this. These are the only shavers I use so I am aware that the 4 blade ones are out there but others who don’t use these on a regular basis won’t know. I hope the KCLs fix this post so people don’t go out and commit coupon fraud unintentionally. :(

Noxzema 4 Pack Spa Shave are $4.97 @ walmart and Super Smooth Triple Blade 4 pk are $2.67 @ walmart…not sure where the $1.97 is coming from?


I found the 2.67 ones too. But hey that’s not too bad for razors anyway!

The Bikini Shave & Trim 3 pack are 1.97 at Walmart… they are really small and aren;t to shave anywhere but the bikini line.

Well, I went down to Walmart tonight with about 10 coupons ready and couldn’t find the bikini shaver as listed on the post. Only the $2.67 price. Tried super Walmart too, no luck.

The prices vary on those razors. In south Fl it is 2.67 for 4 razors.

I couldn’t find any Noxema razors for $1.97 either. The cheapest ones were $2.67, it was still a good deal with the $2.00 coupon.

The only ones I saw that were 1.97 were the bikini shavers. They aren’t full size razors but the coupon did make them free! So.. I still say free is awesome!

I just got back from Walmart and the razors were $4.97. They have a 2 pack for $2.67.

My Walmart had the 4 pack for $2.67, but it contained two bonus razors, so it was really 6 razors for $2.67. 11 cents a piece isn’t bad! Plus the package contained a coupon for $2 off the more expensive Noxema razors.

Hey all, at my Walgreens in Colorado these spa razors are listed for $3.99 – $3.00 register rewards. Subtract the $2.00 off coupon from Redplum 5/1 and Walgreens ends up essentially paying you $1.00. If you use your register rewards to get other products on a separate transaction, it works great!

I just found another coupon for $1.00 in the May Walgreen book!!! It’s for the Spa Shavers!

I wish I had looked at the book a little closer, but my Walgreens trip was WONDERFUL. A great sales clerk who was super helpful!!

Delete the $1.00 coupon comment, that was from the APRIL book which has expired! Still really happy with my Walgreen’s haul. Thanks TKC!!!

My local Walmart doesn’t carry these. Also the coupon didn’t come in my paper but.. These razors are on sale at my local Rite Aid for $3.99. Not a great price for a stock up but a decent price to get a couple.

I forgot to mention my coupons! My Rite Aid had them for $3.99. I had two of the printable coupons for a total of $1.99 each! Not great like the Walmart deal but decent enough since the regular price was over $6.

I also used 2 $2 off coupons for $1.99 each!

Doesn’t matter. Walmart’s price is $4.97. You can get a better deal for 6 of them at Kroger, for a much lower price.

I have been waiting for 5/1 newspaper for 2 weeks now! I just cant wait to get it! So excited about these great deals! Ahhh the fun rush of saving hard earned money is magnificent! Thank you both for all you do!!!! 😀

I am new to couponing. How do you get the paper in advance?

I get an early edition on Saturdays.

Wouldn’t it be great if we all decided to donate our total overages that we accumulate during the month of May to help the tornado victims?

I think that is an AWESOME idea!! Or we can at least donate 1 or 2 items from teh deals we get! :)